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  • Thom
    Thom5 timer siden

    So, if we don't use them for 'going forwards' gear because of the noise, why don't we use helical for reverse?

  • Upside down
    Upside down5 timer siden

    If kwik fit did welding, mike would be overqualified, respect tho welding is a art and you got to practice to be a master of that art

  • D Bassi
    D Bassi5 timer siden

    Nice car price! its 65grand 😱

  • Harry Canary
    Harry Canary5 timer siden

    Why make such a tiny v-10 ? As neat as this engine is,all the friction will surely cancel any imagined benefits. Plus,how would you like to change all of those sparkplugs. Please tell me this man isn't running this engine without an air-cleaner!

  • Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot6 timer siden

    It is rumoured that the founder of Tommy Kaira was a part of this group.

  • African landscapes
    African landscapes6 timer siden

    You talk alot, just go straight to the point

  • Gord Woods
    Gord Woods6 timer siden

    do you still own and ride your 1970 something honda 400 4?? the yellow one?

    STUPENDOUS life7 timer siden

    I agree with you, we are not using our common sense, to for example: to attack climate change we most tackle the problem from the mayor polluters, energy production ( no coal, no natural gas ) transportation ( Semi trucks, ships and airplanes ) Diesel and gasoline are producing enormous amount of Co2, it is time to create a Manhattan project ti solve this problem, we need to develop and implement a series of renewable sources of energy. Hydrogen, solar power like this: Energy storage with massive solid state or lithium batteries, it is time to use our common sense and intelligence in the right way.

  • Plymouthée Turbowe
    Plymouthée Turbowe7 timer siden

    Like, i was interested in the series, but when mike said 12,500 rpm? I'm here for the long haul.

  • Mosca
    Mosca7 timer siden

    Crazy and cool.

  • P B
    P B7 timer siden

    All of those revs but no power 😂

  • Andreas Hagendorf
    Andreas Hagendorf7 timer siden

    Came for a v10 in an MX5, saw welding, broken stuff and left angry...

  • Andrew Meadows
    Andrew Meadows8 timer siden

    Peroxide. It's the future.😂😂

  • ODi7 Mathibe
    ODi7 Mathibe8 timer siden

    Watching a V10 Miata being built? Very interesting. Watching Mike being taught how to use power tools? Not so interesting.

  • Alexy
    Alexy8 timer siden

    TIL that cyclists only eat avocados, people driving with cars don't need to exercise and car traffic never blocks ambulances.

  • Paulo Coelho
    Paulo Coelho8 timer siden

    A Tree can absorb 20kg CO2 per year. A car produces 4.6 Tons, besides monoxide and some other resultants. Let's be serious once.

  • Fuzzy Bear
    Fuzzy Bear9 timer siden

    Them estates are getting very rare to get hold of now

  • CunningStunt92
    CunningStunt929 timer siden

    Brilliant project, the MK1 MX5 and the Dodge Viper RT10 shared designers so a V10 MX5 seems like a perfect project.

  • Pete
    Pete10 timer siden

    If he doesn't have an apprentice he definitely needs one. Great teacher & a dying trade

  • Fritzy Magpies!
    Fritzy Magpies!10 timer siden

    I'm just now noticing that James May kinda looks like King Théoden.

  • Pen Friends
    Pen Friends10 timer siden

    The pub's prices were ludicrously expensive too, I live near the pub! One could say that the pub priced out their village.

  • Gaming Waffle
    Gaming Waffle10 timer siden

    Fun Fact i em from a tiktok of the person in the video :D

  • Andrzej Jeczen
    Andrzej Jeczen10 timer siden

    Jeremy Clarkson can f*#k off. First of all, imagine all those trees that had to be cut down to accommodate all those roads for cars. Second of all, here's an idea: close central London to all non commercial cars and give the roads to bicycles. No one sane would drive their car through central London anyway. Third of all, Clarkson already looks like he eats at least The same amount of food as an active cyclist and I imagine he sweats and smells even worse. And that's just from sitting at a coffee shop table 😂

  • Ben Holmes
    Ben Holmes10 timer siden

    He sounds very nostalgic here, like he's looking back over the old times. Gotta remember their Top Gear was the biggest show in the world at one poiint, all three of them are legends

  • a level 5 mudkip
    a level 5 mudkip10 timer siden

    8:20 *STOOP*

  • Andrew Meadows
    Andrew Meadows11 timer siden

    Err if were not allowed to see it whys it on here🤦‍♂️

  • Andrew Meadows
    Andrew Meadows11 timer siden

    I'm confused. He needed to sell £210,000 worth of his car collection so he could invest in a business to start filming a new show. Surely hes a millionaire if not multi and were supposed to believe he had to sell those cars. Not only that I'm sure the tv company making the show pays quite handsomely.

  • Eric Southard
    Eric Southard11 timer siden

    Wait, if graham has no neck then how does he check his blind spot?

  • Gentleman Driver
    Gentleman Driver11 timer siden

    @Drivetribe Can you tell something about the emission regulations of this engine? Does it fullfill EURO 6? What does an engine/gearbox cost? Really interested to put one of these into my Abarth 124 Spider.

  • TiptronicSS
    TiptronicSS11 timer siden

    I would have thrown that car/chassis just in the dump, I would have been cheaper to just get another one..

  • Prussian Blue
    Prussian Blue12 timer siden

    Great video . . . Thanks DriveTribe team . . . 👍

    AARON BLAZE12 timer siden

    I would definitely see it

  • boris popovski
    boris popovski13 timer siden

    Fix him up Hamond. Oliver deserves it

  • Škoda Katie
    Škoda Katie13 timer siden

    Great review, really enjoyed it, I like the Dacia, it’s a lot of car for the money, my first car was a Lada Riva 1300SL, I loved that car❤️

  • Luis
    Luis13 timer siden

    I'd love to hear his thoughts on Vettel's P2 disqualification last weekend.

    ASIANBOY 9513 timer siden

    Tiananmen Square didn't happen

  • robert allen
    robert allen13 timer siden

    Can I put in a bid to make the cycle lane ill do it 50% off 20 mil

  • Galaxy Mans Weird Brother
    Galaxy Mans Weird Brother14 timer siden

    Why does James always get associated with the best quotes? First he breaks Stalins house, now he's stolen the Indian Ocean.

  • jarrett finney
    jarrett finney14 timer siden

    Sounds to me like the mayor's an idiot

  • RC Ritter FPV
    RC Ritter FPV14 timer siden

    I mean... Where do I sign?

  • oneviwatara
    oneviwatara15 timer siden

    Wrong V10 though

  • mydemon
    mydemon15 timer siden

    This is how you can tell he's a great writer.

  • Bill eib
    Bill eib15 timer siden

    The younger members of the crew are very lucky to have a man like James as a "Mentor"/Friend.

  • Xender31
    Xender3116 timer siden

    Its been 2 years since that video and i wonder who own that plastic Lightning hat they won ? Was It real a random person won that?

  • Matt Farrar
    Matt Farrar16 timer siden

    You need above a shade 5 to use a plasma you will destroy your eyes!

  • Rosco The First
    Rosco The First17 timer siden

    We had a Mazda that was falling apart from rust, fortunately it got rear-ended and was written off. Car handles exceptionally - until of course the left rear strut bolts loosened up We'll never buy another Mazda

  • Lafeel Abriel
    Lafeel Abriel17 timer siden

    Silly thought: Edd would you even fit behind the wheel in Oliver? As I recall you're rather on the tall side..

  • Grigori Rasputin
    Grigori Rasputin17 timer siden

    So... when all the power goes out, how will people charge these cars, in the middle of a very *very* cold and cloudy Winter?

  • TheCbkirgan1
    TheCbkirgan117 timer siden

    Although I feel for James May, imagine the difference between his horribly inconvenient 12V battery failure (and it's cost to replace) versus having the High Voltage primary battery die on your Model S that is less than 60 days out of warranty and has less than 45,000 miles. Don't ask me how I feel or what I think of Tesla....

  • LR
    LR17 timer siden

    Why does that AA guy keep walking past

  • Nigel’s Modelling Bench
    Nigel’s Modelling Bench17 timer siden

    At 15:02 there is a rust hole evident in front of the chassis leg repair?? Why has this been left? To be really pedantic.. they're not Mk1-Mk2-Mk3.. they're NA, NB, NC.

  • darth dumbass
    darth dumbass17 timer siden

    Imagine driving it In summer, literal oven

  • Ignatius Lim
    Ignatius Lim18 timer siden

    "Whats your name?" "The Legendary Smokey Nagata"

  • A Specimen
    A Specimen18 timer siden

    what he's just described is touring cars

  • Charles Pletzke
    Charles Pletzke18 timer siden

    No one has put a V10 in an Mx-5 (maybe), but there have been V12s

  • Julian Navarro
    Julian Navarro18 timer siden

    He says the whole point of this is to have us believe we can build a v10 miata. Then has a f1 engineer build it for him while he washes a Ford focus. 😂

  • Colin
    Colin19 timer siden

    ...*Looks at my ND MX-5 with 34,000 miles* Time for a new engine...

  • Václav Drobný
    Václav Drobný19 timer siden

    Could somebody remind me who this no-name moderator is?

  • nick watkins
    nick watkins19 timer siden

    Cracking rebuild

  • mervin ward
    mervin ward20 timer siden

    car sos is the best car show on tv

    MARK WON20 timer siden

    22:41 cue the science...

  • Dave40
    Dave4020 timer siden

    Love that Calsonic sticker lol

  • couttsy222
    couttsy22220 timer siden

    The amount of rust, even in relatively modern cars, from Pommy roads never ceases to amaze me!

  • guido heeling
    guido heeling20 timer siden

    There must be an obvious reason? But why a TWIN supercharger? It is a 180hp 2 litre engine? Going with a positive displacement blower it would only need to be like 800cc to be able to make some decent boost.

    D SUMMERS20 timer siden

    That is indeed a fine looking ST170 estate. Highlight of the video. As a quick thought, when using that product on a soiled panel roll the microfibre and it will lift off the dirt rather than rubbing it in. Once rolled you can then buff off the excess with a clean microfibre. Thank you.

  • Simon Willgress
    Simon Willgress20 timer siden

    I want to buy your car so I’ve cleaned it with a single microfibre towel and filled it with swirl marks, sooooo me buying it now will be doing you a favour! 😬

  • guido heeling
    guido heeling20 timer siden

    Everyone working at drivetribe sounds like the 12 year old ferrari fan who just does not understand a single tbing about cars😂

  • guido heeling
    guido heeling21 time siden

    Twin supercharging a two litre engine? End theb gaining like 27% power optimistically? I am sorry but that sounda like a laugh...

  • Martin Baldock
    Martin Baldock21 time siden

    Same rust problem that caused me to sell my MX5, just not worth the cost...

  • Ivan Jovanović
    Ivan Jovanović21 time siden

    So you are going to upload 1 video every 3 months? And then upload this? Wow great...

  • Robert Rudelic
    Robert Rudelic21 time siden

    I agree with you on these points. 1 the cost is outrageous 2 cyclist for the most part know how to ride amongst traffic 3 removing the trees is worse for the environment than cutting down on cars 4 the natural beauty and energy from plants and trees help with mental health 5 it’s not the governments job the protect us from every danger there is 6 your pandering mayor is a total whack job and a self serving politician surprise surprise! By the way just follow the $$ and you’ll get to the bottom of his lunacy.

  • ChrisTrackninja
    ChrisTrackninja21 time siden

    Wondering what this would be like in a old e60 520

  • 9alerix
    9alerix21 time siden

    This certainly isn’t going to be an Urchfab type chassis build…..

  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith21 time siden

    lol - this is going to be epic! 12,500rpm in an MX5 on the road?! I love it...

  • MrRadicalMoves
    MrRadicalMoves21 time siden

    Is this going to be something us normal folk will be able to buy? Not gonna lie... would love to stuff one sideways in the back of a Honda Beat.

  • 90s Buick guy
    90s Buick guy22 timer siden

    I agree with him wholeheartedly I also agree with him about the flappy paddle gearbox which is why I have a five speed manual instead

  • Bryan Hull
    Bryan Hull22 timer siden

    Such a shame the car and engine never made it into production. I just remember seeing it at the NEC and loving the square muscularity of the car and the idea of the V10 and later a hybrid

  • helenrushful
    helenrushful22 timer siden

    Carendipity :)

  • John Rowell
    John Rowell22 timer siden

    Great to to see the v10 project and repairing the mx5. Like the jumpers too. MAD Engeeining

  • Black Pine
    Black Pine22 timer siden

    Poor engineering………will not get an electric car until they perfect the batteries…..LI batteries are not the answer……..waiting to see what comes from Grafene battery research…….