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  • Mr Nigel
    Mr Nigel14 timer siden

    My 1st car? Bought in 1977 it was a 1964 green/white roof Mini Cooper reg# BRS 579B. I lived in Leeds and worked in London and it went up/down the M1/A1 for a couple of years. Ended up with a fibreglass fronted meaning I could change the engine in a day easily. Ended up with a 1275 engine in it before I swapped it for a Rover 3500. A much nicer commute!

  • Michał Owczarek
    Michał Owczarek14 timer siden

    Love to see you this happy. Love Your work, hope many days like this will come :) excellent video :)

  • Bryan Mills
    Bryan Mills14 timer siden

    “Weapon”…. Well yes, because everyone knows that if you want to do someone serious harm, do it with a car. The consequences will negligible.

  • H.S .J
    H.S .J14 timer siden

    That door.... Oh no

  • Tim Hirst
    Tim Hirst14 timer siden

    Which track is this?

  • Kallan Bates
    Kallan Bates14 timer siden


  • Jebediah Gentry
    Jebediah Gentry14 timer siden

    When you buy NOprojects premium to skip the ads and still have to sit through ads

  • ichnafi
    ichnafi14 timer siden

    Who cares about V6, WE WANT TO SEE YOUR V10 MIATA!

  • Jival Roopnarian
    Jival Roopnarian14 timer siden

    He sounds a little bit like Shrek in that helmet

  • grabir01
    grabir0114 timer siden

    V8 V10 V12 power is better.

  • Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
    Mohamed Yasin Arakkal14 timer siden

    Didn’t Ford own Aston Martin

  • Mattias Svensson
    Mattias Svensson14 timer siden

    If you love that engine, check out my build with one and added rotrex supercharger in a VX220. instagram @speedsterv6

  • Captain Yesterday
    Captain Yesterday14 timer siden

    Porsche derived V6? Sounds perfect for an MX-5

  • Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
    Mohamed Yasin Arakkal15 timer siden

    So basically the valkary V12 is that inline 4 engine used in the cx75 with one cylinder taken off.

  • Dominic Behrendt
    Dominic Behrendt15 timer siden

    my father went out to buy some cigarettes 27 years ago, so yeah, no gift for him i guess, sorry drivetribe!

  • Owen Jolley 3
    Owen Jolley 315 timer siden

    I actually had to do a double check when I saw Lana Rhoades in the thumbnail.

  • matthew 2779
    matthew 277915 timer siden

    This guy is the dork version of chris harris. And it's time to get keeps as a promoter mate.

  • Stop Deleting Me
    Stop Deleting Me15 timer siden

    Is it really a jag if its a Ford Engine?

  • keimolantio
    keimolantio15 timer siden

    How about safety, roll cage, harnesses etc? Looks kinda flimsy

  • Alexander
    Alexander15 timer siden

    A somewhat more humble Ford Mondeo engine (The 2 litre Duratec) also found it's way into some Caterhams

  • futte2303 #shquad
    futte2303 #shquad15 timer siden

    Well Mike, you have the thickest book in the world. the book of driver excuses 😁😁😁

  • Mr Mawson
    Mr Mawson15 timer siden

    My dad said today it's nothing Just another day

  • Jack Austin
    Jack Austin15 timer siden

    All that and its slower than a tesla lol

  • Tim Hirst
    Tim Hirst14 timer siden

    Round a track, I think not.

  • Lamz
    Lamz15 timer siden

    Does a Tesla do 180 mph?

  • iflystuff1
    iflystuff115 timer siden

    For best results. You should attach your chin strap.

  • Oldjohn52
    Oldjohn5215 timer siden

    that thing is just a wee bit smoky

  • Ches Zubrow
    Ches Zubrow15 timer siden glorious

  • Petar
    Petar15 timer siden

    he looks so old

  • wowJhil
    wowJhil15 timer siden

    As comfortable as I expected it to be lol.

  • David Stacey
    David Stacey15 timer siden

    I watched f1 in early 1990s till 2012 its so boring now

  • Ian
    Ian15 timer siden

    RideTribe anyone? There's got to be an audience for that!

  • David Britton
    David Britton15 timer siden

    Not a fan of Mondeo themed content

  • Haistapa
    Haistapa15 timer siden

    But why Mondeo is the ultimate car

  • Shafiq Sharif
    Shafiq Sharif15 timer siden

    Mate I'm not giving my Dad ball toner for Father's Day

  • Fm123ify
    Fm123ify15 timer siden

    Alonso: Where is Palmer? Mclaren: Uhh Fernando Palmer has retired Alonso: Karma!!

  • Marcus T
    Marcus T15 timer siden

    Sounds like a Porsche a little bit lol

  • B akasahara
    B akasahara15 timer siden

    One sec I thought it's a Jamie Hoffie vid playing...

  • Frances Lock
    Frances Lock15 timer siden

    I love it : )

  • Noah Hardway Vlogs
    Noah Hardway Vlogs15 timer siden

    Video: *Very serious video about an amazing car* Also the video: So, I heard you like wireless electric razors…

  • jon dwyer
    jon dwyer15 timer siden

    I`m a G M kind of guy myself. I drive an astra you know!

  • Christopher Robin Garrish
    Christopher Robin Garrish15 timer siden

    You forgot the BMW M10 Turbo in line 4 producing 1,250bhp in the 1984 Bennetton that became the M42 in my 1991 BMW E30 Coupe...with 149bhp.

  • Saber Cruiser.
    Saber Cruiser.15 timer siden

    thnx drivetribe

  • Detective
    Detective15 timer siden

    Also Noble made that car called M12 with that engine?

  • Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
    Mohamed Yasin Arakkal15 timer siden

    Is the Ford mondeo the Ford Taurus

  • Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
    Mohamed Yasin Arakkal14 timer siden

    @Callum Wright ok so the fusion and the Taurus where very similar

  • Callum Wright
    Callum Wright14 timer siden

    @Mohamed Yasin Arakkal No, the Taurus and Fusion are two different, albeit similar, models of car, but 2012+ Mondeo are Fusions

  • Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
    Mohamed Yasin Arakkal15 timer siden

    So the Ford Fusion, mondeo and the Taurus are all the same car with different names.

  • Callum Wright
    Callum Wright15 timer siden

    No, Current (Mk5) Models were re-badged Fusions, Older generations (Mk1, Mk2) were more similar to Ford Contour

  • Marcus T
    Marcus T15 timer siden

    Yup. & same powertrain was in the Taurus. If I’m not mistaken Noble used this engine in their M400 as well- with a couple turbos slapped on it.

  • YRMA_Fletcher
    YRMA_Fletcher15 timer siden

    yeah not going to get my dad a nut shaving kit ta :D

  • Gillie Monger
    Gillie Monger15 timer siden

    Palmer's a "legend"?? 🤔😅😅🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • TheVxctor
    TheVxctor15 timer siden

    looks like a le man's car

  • Patrik Masserati
    Patrik Masserati15 timer siden

    Ariel Atom with Honda K20 engine would be like: Hold my beer....

  • Michał Owczarek
    Michał Owczarek14 timer siden

    @Matteo Tommasi m8 Ariel is a proper weapon

  • car- enthusiast
    car- enthusiast15 timer siden

    @Matteo Tommasi its still a track car but not as much of a beast of an ariel atom v8...

  • Matteo Tommasi
    Matteo Tommasi15 timer siden

    The Atom is a toy, not a track car.

  • LooneyTunez
    LooneyTunez15 timer siden

    It's just another kitcar

  • Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker15 timer siden

    3.6 seconds to 60MPH? Sooooo my A3 is faster 🤣 how times have changed.

  • Nathan Law
    Nathan Law15 timer siden

    This will easily smoke your A3 in anything that isn't a straight line

  • Ray Kreiger
    Ray Kreiger15 timer siden

    Wasn’t this on top gear in season 2 or 3?

  • Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
    Mohamed Yasin Arakkal15 timer siden

    Ford owned jaguar for a few years

  • Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker15 timer siden

    Palmer is not a motorsport legend ... like at all

  • Lou Grubb
    Lou Grubb15 timer siden


  • Kirk Vallis
    Kirk Vallis15 timer siden

    Reminds me of an early 2000's Le Man's Prototype Edit: The clutch engaging is brutal

  • The Hamster
    The Hamster15 timer siden


  • Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
    Mohamed Yasin Arakkal15 timer siden

    Finally a new

  • Sajed Berjewe
    Sajed Berjewe15 timer siden

    Did he say the n-word on train or plane idk please correct me

  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden15 timer siden

    Is it faster than my 911?

  • Mudundi Siva Rama Raju
    Mudundi Siva Rama Raju15 timer siden

    U still alive?

  • Straight Busta
    Straight Busta15 timer siden

    Osama you a fan of 911s? Wait a sec

  • Detective
    Detective15 timer siden

    you dead tho?

  • David
    David15 timer siden

    Yeah brother, this bad boy can do 200.1 MPH (nevermind the title)

  • Georgerussellfan 63
    Georgerussellfan 6315 timer siden

    *Speed and power*

  • El Tonio
    El Tonio16 timer siden

    Hammond!!!! You blitherring idiot

  • Johnnie Distefano
    Johnnie Distefano16 timer siden

    1987 spider owner here! long live alfa romeo!

  • Danny b DJB
    Danny b DJB16 timer siden

    1st car renualt megane 1.4 2nd mg zr+105 3rd mg zr 105 4th fiesta st 150 5th focus st mk2 2.5 6th focus 1.8 diesel 😴 7th mondeo st estate 2.2 8th vw bora v5 2.3 9th audi a4 2.0 170 10th bmw convertible 2.5. Currently for sale.

  • haru dian
    haru dian16 timer siden

    this is useless for farming...

  • L Jasper
    L Jasper16 timer siden

    Can’t wait to see the completed project.

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez16 timer siden

    K series of Honda motor?

  • jay Benjamin
    jay Benjamin17 timer siden

    Wow I had no idea he was ex police

  • Cheems the doggo
    Cheems the doggo17 timer siden

    Why would you do that dude it’s easy to get away from the cops at night

  • Niggo
    Niggo17 timer siden

    I literally just watched the whole video at 1:23am. I think I have to overthink my life.

  • Cristian Florea
    Cristian Florea17 timer siden

    Am I the only one who grew with top gear and sees how time passed over us? All?

  • jay Benjamin
    jay Benjamin17 timer siden

    Did ant find it hard to drive on the other side of the road ? The wrong side 😂😂

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris17 timer siden

    My first car was a mk5 cortina y reg in cream

  • Very Honest
    Very Honest17 timer siden

    He's too old for his Jean's to be that tight

  • Pontus Hylén
    Pontus Hylén17 timer siden

    I wonder what mr Slowly thinks of SsangYong, he should test one

  • buranagel
    buranagel17 timer siden

    do whistlin diesel

  • Very Honest
    Very Honest17 timer siden

    Diddy got the maybach not no Escalade that's racist lol

  • Armesis P
    Armesis P18 timer siden

    I miss Ben Collins, he need to be a permanent fixture on the Grand Tour.

  • Fratele Andrei
    Fratele Andrei18 timer siden


  • Austin H
    Austin H18 timer siden

    You lost me at front and rear independent suspension. I will say the 2 door LOOKS a lot better than the 4 door

  • skylineXpert
    skylineXpert18 timer siden

    He do know that its a mother in-law friendly renault clio 4

  • Streaky Chambers
    Streaky Chambers19 timer siden

    I made it to 1 minute and 3 seconds.... get a real job 🥱

  • vitor paiva
    vitor paiva19 timer siden

    This looks like a vw polo