Filming Clarkson, Hammond & May all in the same day | Tesla road trip

We set ourselves a challenge - using a Tesla Model 3, could we road trip to each of the trio's homes, filming a 2021 update with each of them, all in one day? Starting early in the morning in the south of England, we set off, aiming to get some awesome for you guys from Clarkson, Hammond and May!

Enter for a chance at winning a Tesla Model 3 or £40k cash!

UK 18+, purchase necessary, competition ends 23:59 BST 14/06/21.
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Richard Hammond update:

Jeremy Clarkson update:

James May update:


  • JeT 3
    JeT 37 timer siden

    3:00, 6:39, 8:41 Does that mean they’re not coming on then?

  • Royalty Chill
    Royalty Chill3 dager siden

    From Egypt, I've Watched the Clarkson Farm Show & it's AMAZING, "Jeremy" was GREAT GREAT AWESOME & is finally living a humble life :D and u really changed my mind about many things in life, PLZ DO More Seasons, BTW "Kaleb" IS FUNNY SO FUNNY Liked That guy

  • Marc Newman
    Marc Newman6 dager siden

    What a pointless video

  • TWeK Racing
    TWeK Racing6 dager siden

    Lol I can fill petrol in 2 min, and you say 40 min is impressive? 😂😂💩 Wouldn’t even have to fill though 😂😂💩

  • Jabber 1974
    Jabber 19748 dager siden

    Someone needs to learn what appearing all together means.

  • Pete
    Pete8 dager siden

    this video is pointless

  • Dylan Knight
    Dylan Knight9 dager siden

    This whole video was just advertising the other videos basically lol

  • Dean Romania
    Dean Romania9 dager siden

    0:49 That was sad...

  • Mr Glasses
    Mr Glasses12 dager siden

    Is Richard Hammond aware Rimac has released a new model?

  • Hosh
    Hosh12 dager siden

    The most impressively idiotic reference video ever made! I get it.. more views, but why? It's like telling a child I'm going to take you to get ice cream and then driving up to the first shop to get the cone, then driving again to get the ice cream from the other shop and the topping from the third while you pay online! WTH!?

  • Seriously Phrasing
    Seriously Phrasing14 dager siden

    James May is looking remarkably like Eric Clapton…

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan14 dager siden

    The most impressive thing about this is a Giraffe.

  • cozdenoglu
    cozdenoglu20 dager siden

    poor giraffe :=((

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith23 dager siden

    May is starting to look a lot like Eric Clapton.

  • DucAnh Production
    DucAnh Production24 dager siden

    Plot twist: Hammond and Clarkson gave James May a pet that is exactly like the one that Hammond gave him in this video in one of those Top Gear Special Argentina

  • dhruv meena
    dhruv meena25 dager siden

    those who havent seen the jeremy video he said hammoooooooooonnnndd

  • Finest
    Finest28 dager siden

    Clarkson looking like santa clause

  • Sherezaad Anwar
    Sherezaad Anwar29 dager siden

    Sorry for being uninitiated, but what's the host's dialect? It's very relaxing.

  • The Almighty Martz
    The Almighty Martz29 dager siden

    It’s funny to think that we want them to see coming up with new shows or road trips, but when I watch the interviews all of them want retirement.. I’m starting to feel that time has already caught up with them but still the gods of the motoring entertainment will still live on... dr power, hamster and capt slow...

  • Matthew Randhika Adiputra 1313113
    Matthew Randhika Adiputra 1313113Måned siden

    ahh im glad the og trio is still fine

  • barath narayanan
    barath narayananMåned siden

    I expected a video from OCD May where he would try to fix the giraffe's falling head... "Hello viewers, the head keeps falling down because it lacks reinforcement in this area. We have to make a small cut here, add a bit of stiff cushion and stitch it back..." Sad he chose to throw it away.

  • Filip Rybárik
    Filip RybárikMåned siden

    Its like GTA 5 seeing what other characters are doing

  • Theo Teddy
    Theo TeddyMåned siden

    so richard is hobit..🤔

  • Paul Collins
    Paul CollinsMåned siden

    My Favourite comment on another tesla car video Mindy the Hamster wife said "Car of the future meets pillock of the past", Mindy your lovely.

  • Captured By Smartphones
    Captured By SmartphonesMåned siden

    Is that the giraffe from the Argentina special?

  • Marcus Hedlund
    Marcus HedlundMåned siden


  • Κύριε Γαλλικά
    Κύριε ΓαλλικάMåned siden

    2:30 Hammond 6:25 Clarkson 8:28 May

  • Rd Muhammad Kaisyar Al Hasby
    Rd Muhammad Kaisyar Al HasbyMåned siden

    " the legend has grown old, it doesn't feel like time flies so fast "

  • philsipad
    philsipadMåned siden

    Hammond's hut looks like it was built by a hobbit.

  • oh man, it’s time for a
    oh man, it’s time for aMåned siden

    jesus, clarkson has ascended

  • Stan Vanillo
    Stan VanilloMåned siden

    This is the biggest clickbait video I've ever seen.

  • Kamal Muhammad
    Kamal MuhammadMåned siden

    Its nicee

  • TheBajamin
    TheBajaminMåned siden

    You;re like 45, stop wearing those pants and hoodies. You look ridiculous.

  • Jor Galoyan
    Jor GaloyanMåned siden

    You’re boring

  • Biggestmexi
    BiggestmexiMåned siden

    Sit up.

  • gforce
    gforceMåned siden

    You Are Reaching. Diddly squat vid in didd'y paaark. It no longer is Royalty; it is merely Celebrity. It is no longer celebrity; it is the brother or the neighbour of a celebrity... and not a talented worthy celebrity at that. ( I think perhaps I am plagiarizing a recent Russel Brand; perhaps the one on the demise of HRH ). This video is methadone.

  • hugomundim
    hugomundimMåned siden

    Why all the three main hosts talks regular english while this younger one talks like if he is competing to be the most annoying english talker in the world? His accent is ridiculous!

  • mozomenku
    mozomenku2 måneder siden

    Why only for UK residents :(

  • Ian Maddock
    Ian Maddock2 måneder siden

    What happened to Top Gear dog I think we all need to know 😂

  • M3au
    M3au2 måneder siden

    The Jeremy Clarkson segment. So, hello Jeremy, how are you? Clarkson: Well, I ..... Click on the banner and pay for someone else to drive a Tesla ...

  • Andrew May
    Andrew May2 måneder siden

    RIP Gerald

  • Andrew May
    Andrew May2 måneder siden

    How do they not have a knighthood yet

  • RusCarYT
    RusCarYT2 måneder siden

    10:08 And on that terrible disappointment, it’s time to end.

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan2 måneder siden

    Great show there.

  • Gavin Alex Paki Paki
    Gavin Alex Paki Paki2 måneder siden


  • Randeep Sharma
    Randeep Sharma2 måneder siden

    Hello Drivetribe, Can you please make a video asking the trio that why they didn't make a film on racing while Jeremy sewing a button & James in a sleeping bag? As they discussed in top gear series 18.

  • Stan P
    Stan P2 måneder siden

    Looks like that giraffe needs to be rescued - perhaps the animal rescue sanctuary May wants could be for plush toys? lol

  • Rolando Robles
    Rolando Robles2 måneder siden

    The edible hitting as soon as May is messing with the giraffe is awesome. Couldn't have been better timing lol

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith2 måneder siden

    Battery dead 40 minutes to charge to get a 300 mile claimed range How’s that pretty impressive? I can fill up in less than 5 minutes and have more range 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • fm carv
    fm carv2 måneder siden

    This video reminded me never to get an electric car

  • dawrek
    dawrek2 måneder siden

    Can you please make podcast called conversation street with lads ? I really miss them 😭

  • Dave Williams
    Dave Williams2 måneder siden

    1:40 So when he said he was gonna See hammond first i said to myself "i'm gonna see my house" i didn't see my house but here is a sign to my house that is not far from my house

  • atv
    atv2 måneder siden

    first James's number plates are blurred and then not, strange.

  • Rogerc1984
    Rogerc19842 måneder siden

    Last of the summer wine with money

  • One-Monkey Army
    One-Monkey Army2 måneder siden

    Genuinely didn’t know you were allowed to drive around the country visiting your friends. I thought there was a national lockdown including a ‘stay local’ alert. Is there an exception for youtubers?

  • peg sus
    peg sus2 måneder siden

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions concerning jeremys cabinets.

  • Petar Petrov
    Petar Petrov2 måneder siden

    So basically this is a video about this guy driving a Tesla...

  • Vandahl Fox
    Vandahl Fox2 måneder siden

    Mark my words, we will see Gerald again.

  • Vladpryde
    Vladpryde2 måneder siden

    You just know that giraffe will be back to haunt us all.

  • WhiteWolfPack
    WhiteWolfPack2 måneder siden

    I have a question for hammond, What if hammond never loved oliver or had oliver?

  • Pratik Vyas
    Pratik Vyas2 måneder siden

    didnt get the giraffe joke. Can any1 plz explain.

  • Benn87


    2 måneder siden

    In Top Gear times, the 3 of them always bought each other impractical gifts on their travels, which they then had to lug around with them for the rest of the trip.

  • bert bertson
    bert bertson2 måneder siden

    So basically a video of you saying "Thanks for having us" what a pointless video

  • Brock Hamm
    Brock Hamm2 måneder siden

    Hammonds house looks like a sweat lodge

  • Alex Whelan
    Alex Whelan2 måneder siden

    Justice for Gerald

  • HypercarFest
    HypercarFest2 måneder siden

    Loving the videos keep it up

  • AlFa RiDeR
    AlFa RiDeR2 måneder siden

    well i don't know about winning a Tesla... but please want to have that giraffe 🦒 kindly signed by the Trio, if its possible

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson2 måneder siden

    Clarkson is looking more like Chris Bonington every day!

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody2 måneder siden

    10:24 the sound of current F1 car before leaving it's garage

  • C Bake
    C Bake2 måneder siden

    Justice for Gerald the Giraffe!

  • Mickey117
    Mickey1172 måneder siden

    Wow James really throws away the Giraffe Hammond gave him!..😭 Who’s the ungrateful basterd now?!!😂 I would have put it in the corner next to the Alpine

  • DanceForMe13
    DanceForMe132 måneder siden

    Forget the Tesla. I want to win Gerald!

  • Ash
    Ash2 måneder siden

    Nobody: Men after 50: 9:45

  • Gewglesux
    Gewglesux2 måneder siden

    Hammond looks like a proper Brit!! I was more interested in the Shotguns that Jezza had.. A man and his Giraffe.

  • Entropy
    Entropy2 måneder siden

    9:00 James you are way too old for them girls.

  • Tim C
    Tim C2 måneder siden

    I feel that the giraffe is some sort of inside joke from Hammond to May. Something about limp like the giraffe’s neck.

  • GP Fan
    GP Fan2 måneder siden

    Tesla driving experience as per this video - constantly checking charge state, distance to destination, looking for charging point, allowing 40 minutes to 'fill-up'. Think I will stick with my 5.3 V8.

  • Tarbaby 315
    Tarbaby 3152 måneder siden

    Notice he never mentions the # of views so far for James 🤣😂😁🤣

  • Noor Fahad
    Noor Fahad2 måneder siden

    The smart kiss revealingly camp because grill locally hug minus a heavenly heavy hellish croissant. useless, axiomatic intestine

  • Allah O'ahu
    Allah O'ahu2 måneder siden

    What's going on with jeremy's jeep from the pablo escobar special?

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton2 måneder siden


  • cwuzii
    cwuzii2 måneder siden

    £9.99 to enter? More like a raffle than a competition then...

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton2 måneder siden


  • Caitypie rules the World
    Caitypie rules the World2 måneder siden

    yawn nothing to see here

  • The Enlightened One
    The Enlightened One2 måneder siden

    7:24 *can understand this feeling* 😍

  • The Enlightened One
    The Enlightened One2 måneder siden

    Who wouldn't subscribe to this channel ?!! 😎👍🏻

  • Trillock 1945
    Trillock 19452 måneder siden

    I would rather have the 40,000 quid than this electric posh milk float....:) Ha, 45 minutes to charge it up, where as I could fill my diesel tank and pay in about 10 minutes and be on my way. Hammond is looking like a city type trying to fit in the the local people, or Beckam....:)

  • GreatnessAwaits🎮
    GreatnessAwaits🎮2 måneder siden

    Drive tribe shows nothing about driving, just updates on Hammond, may and Clarkson

  • Stigs stupid cousin
    Stigs stupid cousin2 måneder siden

    hi, iam sorry but the drivetribe are more like shows about the trio. not about the car.. idk why u are milking the 3.

  • echonitte
    echonitte2 måneder siden

    Tesla tip..... set your sat nav to the charger so the on board computer knows a charge is scheduled and the car will “prepare” the battery so the actual charge to 80% is quicker.

  • Liviu Bita
    Liviu Bita2 måneder siden

    Someone broke Gerald's neck, so it wasn't up to par for James. The trash bin became his resting place. The end. Now go to sleep! 😆😆😆

  • Senna 1993
    Senna 19932 måneder siden

    No way I want to wait to charge my car. Lotus 350 for me all day every day.

  • daves1412
    daves14122 måneder siden

    The last shot of James being slightly grumpy with the giraffe is hilarious.

  • Nirmit Mestry
    Nirmit Mestry2 måneder siden

    we all know we are going to get a 'how to fix geralds neck ' tutorial from may

  • Green Goose
    Green Goose2 måneder siden

    Hammond was blazing up in that hut

  • GWA UK20
    GWA UK202 måneder siden

    James has the nicest cars. So jealous 😆

  • Theo.JT98
    Theo.JT982 måneder siden

    16000 x 9 = 144000 , unless 16000 people enter you don't give away the Tesla , big profits there

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin2 måneder siden

    I really don't see what people see in Teslas - they look like fish.

  • Mark M
    Mark M2 måneder siden

    What accents that, your not Clarkson,Hammond or May , just so you know

  • benny tuazon
    benny tuazon2 måneder siden

    Thumbs up just for James May's expressions.

  • RiverPlasmaHero
    RiverPlasmaHero2 måneder siden

    Poor Gerald! You should take him to the Drivetribe office and make that his home.