James May is getting rid of his favourite car

The Toyota Mirai swiftly became the favourite car in James May's garage, with the hydrogen-powered car making for one of the most tranquil motoring experiences out there. But after a year or so of ownership, May has decided to switch things up.

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  • Sandris Sedis
    Sandris SedisDag siden

    How old is that jumper? 😮

  • Andy Bray
    Andy Bray2 dager siden

    I back hydrogen

  • Lineage2Ertheia
    Lineage2Ertheia4 dager siden

    DACIA > Toyota

  • C Cooper
    C Cooper7 dager siden

    Got Ya; what you are saying is that Hydrogen stations are even rarer than lpg ones. I would love to take Dacia up on the excellent Sandero dual fuel offering but my nearest lpg station is over 100 miles away. I can buy calor cylinders all over town but the only lpg station removed its pump almost 5 years ago.

  • The Advocate
    The Advocate8 dager siden

    0:22 lol So says the guy who's net worth is 40 million.

  • John Cliff
    John Cliff10 dager siden

    Nice one James. Ye she said WE WERE AN INDEPENDENT Nation or words to that effect. Tha knows were I'm on about.

  • Markus gordon
    Markus gordon11 dager siden

    Free Scotland

  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT14 dager siden

    Just get a new Mirai

  • sunmaat
    sunmaat18 dager siden

    Can’t believe he got a hydrogen cell car. There’s nowhere in the Uk to put any hydrogen in it.

  • impuls60
    impuls6019 dager siden

    I think paying for super expensive hydrogen finally got to him.

  • TheGreatDefective
    TheGreatDefective20 dager siden

    I wonder what could be more exciting than a mirai. I would say it's unlikely he'll go back to a conventional combustion engine, so it'll be another electric, or something weird like LPG.

  • Aleksandar Aleksic
    Aleksandar Aleksic21 dag siden

    He's just too rich to keep cars. He's gonna dies soon so he wants new stuff, understandable.

  • Geoff Amey
    Geoff Amey22 dager siden

    Of course James could have been more honest, and said " I backed the wrong horse, silly me."

  • Pepperidge Cookies
    Pepperidge Cookies22 dager siden

    Mirai could be successful if it was full BEV.

  • sonyviva308
    sonyviva30823 dager siden

    I'm guessing he's getting the NEW Mirai

  • philip rogers
    philip rogers24 dager siden

    "This is my favourite car.......... so I'm selling it". You made no sense when you bought it and even less sense now.

  • buddhastaxi666
    buddhastaxi66625 dager siden

    Meanwhile in Australia the government spends billions subsidising fossil fuels and plans spending more on a gas plant and 8n UK you only have 8 outlets

  • Mr Screamer
    Mr Screamer25 dager siden

    No chance of him getting rid of that old purple top though, huh?

  • Sunsailor
    Sunsailor26 dager siden

    Yes... Hydrogen is the future...😂

  • Taylor Keller
    Taylor Keller26 dager siden

    "Cars are like fashion, you have to move on" It takes a ton of resources to build a modern car, that sounds pretty unsustainable to me

  • Paul Johnstone
    Paul Johnstone27 dager siden

    Never understand why they don't just use H2 as primary fuel, this electric drive has reached obsessive, irrational levels....especially given the truth.

  • Pollywog
    Pollywog27 dager siden

    I've just farted.

  • Terry L
    Terry L27 dager siden

    So why get it then you plonker

  • John Smith
    John Smith27 dager siden

    NO! We do not want to part of the stinking UK. From a Scot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue28 dager siden

    That beard makes him look like an aging fop.

  • Heine Vendelbo
    Heine Vendelbo28 dager siden


  • T G
    T G28 dager siden

    Scotland: We voted to stay in the U.K. 🙃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧👍🏼

  • Tal rasha
    Tal rasha29 dager siden

    that car is still hella expensive :O

  • Hamish G
    Hamish G29 dager siden

    We do not need to move on i will not move on from the 80-90 s car period i still drive a 1992 hilux i have aircon and heater and reliability something new 4wd have lost along with simplicity

  • HQ
    HQMåned siden

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  • Eamonn McDermott
    Eamonn McDermottMåned siden

    If only you knew the problems you would have with your Tesla!! Haha!

  • YellowA4
    YellowA4Måned siden

    I think if the hydrogen network got a move on it would definitely be the future

  • Vance Wankel

    Vance Wankel

    Måned siden

    Don't tell Musk that

  • Scott Delinger
    Scott DelingerMåned siden

    His Mirai is like a Bentley in that both have four tires on the road surface.

  • Muzz USMC
    Muzz USMCMåned siden

    That’s not a car, it’s an appliance. Eeewww.

  • MrLeovanderMeer
    MrLeovanderMeerMåned siden

    Germany has 90 hydrogen stations.....

  • WirelessBrain1O
    WirelessBrain1OMåned siden

    James talking about fashen and moveing on lol. I think his shirt is older than some of his odians

  • David Datura
    David DaturaMåned siden

    I haven’t seen May for quite a while now. As such he seems to have lost a lot of weight 🤷‍♂️

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen DohertyMåned siden

    Without sufficient refueling stations even a hydrogen powered Ferrari is next to useless. James - ask Mazda to put you on their list when the new rotary engine returns (I think it will be a PHEV with the engine being rotary). At least thats an interesting engine to get to know and the recharge times will be short

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen DohertyMåned siden

    Sadly most of your hydrogen fuel comes from fossil fuel and chemical plants - hence the lack of refueling stations (unless you choose to live next to a chemical plant where hydrogen access is the least of your air quality worries). Hopefully we will see these at major port fuel stations for large semi trucks crossing the English channel and other large watery bits that trucks cross. Pity Toyota does not make large semi trucks just those "get your tesco food delivered by truck" ones

  • Captured By Smartphones
    Captured By SmartphonesMåned siden

    Jeremy: James is driving the future! (Mirai)

  • Miroslav Milan
    Miroslav MilanMåned siden

    Well, this didn’t last long! I clearly recall the video when he revealed this car and said only time will tell which is the winning strategy - batteries or hydrogen. So I guess the case is closed. Just didn’t expect him to declare the winner so soon.

  • Average Height Wizard
    Average Height WizardMåned siden

    Where's the Dacia Sandero?

  • Jon Doe
    Jon DoeMåned siden

    the Australian government is trying to push hydrogen cars on it people, because if they are tied to a fuel source that they have to go to a service station for then they can tax them and if you have a 10-20 kw solar panel system on your roof they can't tax that but charge you for the kilometers you drive. they get more by taxing the fuel and if they start taxing the km's people may realise this and reduce going out spending money

  • Stephan de V
    Stephan de VMåned siden

    still dont understand why everyone pushes lion battery cars as the solution when its not the best solution. hydrogen means gasstation fueling drive in minutes. electic li-on cars means parked hours charging. hydrogen cars dont have chemical waste every few years when you replace battries either. we can make hydrogen in the nights when powercosumption is less and the grid can use it to make hydrogen

  • matias ariel
    matias arielMåned siden

    Hydrogen is quietly useless until you can make hydrogen generator itself 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Hydrogen is actually easy I think🤔

  • Evolutiongat
    EvolutiongatMåned siden

    James "we're behind" The US: "wuts hydrojen hueh hueh *buuurp* where's mah trump truck"

    DӨӨM_ SLΛYΣЯMåned siden

    Wait what about the Dacia Sandero?

  • Frank Mcallister
    Frank McallisterMåned siden

    James May has a 40 million dollar networth but looks like 50 cents

    FSG OUTMåned siden

    He says you have to move on yet I swear that’s the same shirt he wore in the pantagonia special 😂

  • Jedski
    JedskiMåned siden

    I would never buy or even get into a car with a pressurised hydrogen tank! Absolute madness - one tiny rupture and you get blown into tiny bits. Thanks but no thanks.

  • logitech4873


    Måned siden

    How many people have died in hydrogen car explosions?

  • Jason Latham
    Jason LathamMåned siden

    Buy a Ford F350 Diesel with four doors and 4x4, LOL

  • Aleksandar Spasenovski
    Aleksandar SpasenovskiMåned siden

    I don't get why people stop shaving while covid is going on. Like seriously shave yourself fool

  • Sean O'Reilly
    Sean O'ReillyMåned siden

    That shirt is so iconic

  • Ege
    EgeMåned siden

    I can hear Jeremy being bored to complete and utter death

  • James McCallum
    James McCallumMåned siden

    The instant he made the "clothes like fashion" comment, everyone hits the 'comments'. Are you serious James?

  • William Barwick
    William BarwickMåned siden

    James: Cars are like fashion you have to move on Also James: wears the same pink and purple shirt for over 15 years

  • Nigel Lockwood

    Nigel Lockwood

    23 dager siden

    never-mind his whiteware

  • Rick w
    Rick wMåned siden


  • Tran Le Bao Minh
    Tran Le Bao MinhMåned siden

    it is just me or he actually did compare a toyota to a bentley

  • John Smith
    John SmithMåned siden

    Not enough hydrogen pumps, not enough hydrogen???? All seems rather odd when the government has pointed out all new gas Central Heating boilers must be able to be run on hydrogen. For this to happen large cost effective hydrogen production must be in the horizon. It seems that battery charging and batteries are now protected, when in fact they jumped to batteries as an easy option to satisfy the green lobby. Or is it that they don’t want people to get around on long journeys????

  • Nandan Polpakara
    Nandan PolpakaraMåned siden

    James May should have used Dr Ben's Hydrogen Fueled Transport Solution.

  • Daydreaming Aristocrat
    Daydreaming AristocratMåned siden

    And now it's the End of April and we are still cliff hanging... #captainslow

  • Joe Kenny
    Joe KennyMåned siden

    You my lord are sooooooooooooooo boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Rob. brown
    Rob. brownMåned siden

    Nowt wrong wi south Yorkshire Jimmy lad.

  • Pomo the Promo Possum
    Pomo the Promo PossumMåned siden

    Unfortunately Hydrogen will probably never take off, might as well wait for battery technology to advance or super capacitors to become a thing rather than spending billions on Hydrogen infrastructure

  • Kyleac
    KyleacMåned siden

    Is that just a prius

  • alliwantedwasapepsi
    alliwantedwasapepsi2 måneder siden

    How could an electric Camry become your favourite car?

  • tankimus
    tankimus2 måneder siden

    the more i see james in his personal life the less i enjoy him lol

  • Yantan Tethera
    Yantan Tethera2 måneder siden

    Sooo funny saying that in his pink and purple jumper!

  • tim priddy
    tim priddy2 måneder siden

    I only have one vehicle....it must be nice

  • Duncan Idaho
    Duncan Idaho2 måneder siden

    Maybe it's just me with a Sunday hangover but I just read a headline elsewhere "Tesla Model Y vs Ford Mustang Mach-E comparison gets the Top Gear treatment" and wondered if that meant lying about both cars breaking down... just as a joke of course. I never saw the infamous episode but just freshly considered that I know it well (Clarkson pause) from everywhere else. Which raises the question what is the carbon footprint of that joke? James May, it's not quantified what you owe the world but you do owe - this little dalliance with the oil cartel's great white hope FCEV isn't lowering the balance.

  • Brian Cornish
    Brian Cornish2 måneder siden

    Humm..Hydrogen and Hindenburg not the greatest of memories...

  • Mark Marten
    Mark Marten2 måneder siden

    Replace it with a Dacia Sondero in beige with a vinyl roof and tartan seat covers, that would be different.

  • Zophus1
    Zophus12 måneder siden

    Beeeeeeaaaaaaarrrdd! 😮

  • joe robinson
    joe robinson2 måneder siden

    He meant to say obscene

  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas2 måneder siden

    Stop it. You don't have to move on. I own an S2000 that's 10 years older than the one that you're disposing of because it's 'old fashioned'. Up to now, there's no replacement - I'm quite happy with my maroon and pink hooped-shirt S2K thank you very much.

  • Leo
    Leo2 måneder siden

    Germany actually has less then 100 hydrogen stations...

  • eurosonly
    eurosonly2 måneder siden

    Is that paul hardcastle I hear?

  • elliot mortimer
    elliot mortimer2 måneder siden

    But something already....

  • Hira Ahmed Shaikh
    Hira Ahmed Shaikh2 måneder siden

    i cant find the option to "motorlikecommentsubscribe"

  • Dee M
    Dee M2 måneder siden

    Is it me or James has had grey hair forever? 👨🏼‍🦳

  • Baron von Limbourgh
    Baron von Limbourgh2 måneder siden

    This is simply obsolete technology now. Battery powered evs are the future.

  • Chris O'Grady
    Chris O'Grady2 måneder siden

    We here in South Yorkshire are indeed seeking independence from the united kingdom of englandland

  • Dejan Petranović
    Dejan Petranović2 måneder siden

    Freddy Krueger, khm, James may is right, you have to move on :P

  • Niels Nilsson
    Niels Nilsson3 måneder siden

    In South Africa, "What is a hydrogen station?"

  • M F
    M F3 måneder siden

    I need James as a neighbor

  • Shane Fell
    Shane Fell3 måneder siden

    Now Clarkson, Hammond and May ALL have beards

  • The Dominator
    The Dominator3 måneder siden

    It gave him a solid beard though

  • gelisob
    gelisob3 måneder siden

    Last I heard, Germany was trying to get to 100 stations by 2021, so not too much there either. Oh and how long does the really expensive fuel cell last in those?

  • Kathleen Bradley
    Kathleen Bradley3 måneder siden

    He's always so mature about saying "like, comment, subscribe" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ricardo Moran
    Ricardo Moran3 måneder siden

    He’s been wearing that shirt for decades

  • Wermagst
    Wermagst3 måneder siden

    It's not hundreds, Germany has 91 H2 stations and not all of them are operational due to breakdowns and mandatory servicing.

  • I solemly swear
    I solemly swear3 måneder siden

    Hang on!? When did James find his shirt again!?

  • nongthip
    nongthip3 måneder siden

    Change the show's name to Top Beard!

  • BKC
    BKC3 måneder siden

    0:21 nice shirt that you had in season 4 of top gear.

  • Sisekelo Duma
    Sisekelo Duma3 måneder siden

    So much Gran Turismo music

  • Brock Hamm
    Brock Hamm3 måneder siden

    James looks like a bible character

  • Jungle fungus
    Jungle fungus3 måneder siden

    How many times has James may worn this shirt

  • Gianni Russo
    Gianni Russo3 måneder siden

    So James has a goatee.

  • markmd9
    markmd93 måneder siden

    James May saw the review of the new dacia Sandero and decided to sell the Mirai

  • C B
    C B3 måneder siden

    you have to move on......still wearing that GANT shirt :P