James May roasts YouTubers' cars AGAIN

He showed no mercy last time, and he's back at it again! James May has sifted through the current crop of cars in the garages of the top NOprojectsrs of the world to give them a slight roasting. Enjoy!

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Go check out the channels of the NOprojectsrs featured in this video:

@Gordon Ramsay
@Peter McKinnon
@Tj Hunt
@Becky Evans
@Lana Rhoades x 3G1K


    DRIVETRIBEMåned siden

    🚨We're giving away a Tesla Model 3 or £40k cash! 🚨 Check out the description for more info 💸

  • Pwnzistor


    3 dager siden

    Awww, UK only.

  • Marky Mark

    Marky Mark

    5 dager siden

    not a u.k. resident

  • davidoffon


    6 dager siden

    That is not giving. But, it is lying!!

  • Tortured Soul

    Tortured Soul

    Måned siden

    does it work?

  • Rob Marrin

    Rob Marrin

    Måned siden

    Brilliant, anything to stop Gordon from chef-ing,, he's not that bad it's not diatribe, drivetribe😂😂😂👍

  • Peter Lemonjello
    Peter Lemonjello11 minutter siden

    I agree here about the Huracan. Great looking, great performing vehicle. But the H is silent!

  • sacheev krishanu
    sacheev krishanu2 timer siden

    u cannot get old

  • Rhys Wilkie
    Rhys Wilkie10 timer siden

    I've got a ute

  • Clay Gross
    Clay Gross13 timer siden

    Once again Mays dry humor has made my day

  • Dzonza _
    Dzonza _14 timer siden

    Put james may lana rhoades and gordon ramsey in the thumbnail bruhh

  • Si Hopebgood
    Si Hopebgood14 timer siden

    This honestly looks like this was recorded by the nurses in the garden of the old peoples home that James now lives in.

  • Owen Jolley 3
    Owen Jolley 316 timer siden

    I actually had to do a double check when I saw Lana Rhoades in the thumbnail.

  • Petar
    Petar17 timer siden

    he looks so old

  • Sajed Berjewe
    Sajed Berjewe17 timer siden

    Did he say the n-word on train or plane idk please correct me

  • Cristian Florea
    Cristian Florea19 timer siden

    Am I the only one who grew with top gear and sees how time passed over us? All?

  • buranagel
    buranagel19 timer siden

    do whistlin diesel

  • Very Honest
    Very Honest19 timer siden

    Diddy got the maybach not no Escalade that's racist lol

  • tv tissue
    tv tissue21 time siden

    I go to the dump and have a pickup so it can hold trash cans

  • Ryan Wilkins
    Ryan Wilkins21 time siden

    Imagine being recommended this the day after the competition closes 🙄

  • Ondrej Marecek
    Ondrej Marecek22 timer siden

    James may sais he doesn't like old things and believes you should always... you know... try and move on. He also says that wearing shirt probably older than most of his drivetribe audience (me included). :D

  • Anglo Browza
    Anglo Browza22 timer siden

    So far the only one I’ve heard of is Lana

  • vladimir curkoski
    vladimir curkoski23 timer siden

    Tavarish seems to be cool guy, that G-wagon looks like tennis ball

  • bushweednever
    bushweednever23 timer siden

    @Tavarish your Bugatti Veyron has autism.

  • Kenneth Thomson
    Kenneth ThomsonDag siden

    Pink is a colour I struggle with. Wearing a pink and purple striped top.

  • Casey Snow
    Casey SnowDag siden

    "James May roasts NOprojectsr's cars again" first car: "well done!"

  • Cormac Keenan
    Cormac KeenanDag siden

    James has gone full Worzel Gummidge.

  • Could have been a hippie
    Could have been a hippieDag siden

    Is may not wearing pink 🤔

  • Ian Fisher
    Ian FisherDag siden

    ''pink is a colour I struggle with'' says the man in the pink shirt.....but anyway the Mercedes G -Wagon colour, um..sort of baby poo yellow.

  • Cnut Olderson
    Cnut OldersonDag siden

    I’m glad to see Trotsky found peace

  • Stefan Hoffman
    Stefan HoffmanDag siden

    Critical of purple and pink eh? Nice shirt.

  • Lee Shaun
    Lee ShaunDag siden

    I've not heard of or seen a single person shown on this video, apart from James May. And I approve of this.

  • Kenneth
    KennethDag siden

    James May: I like how rappers drive slow to show off cars. Everyone: Yay~ Captain Slow.

  • jamie elfman
    jamie elfmanDag siden

    That g-wagon wasn’t lifted, it has portal axles. Come on, man!

  • Joel Alexander
    Joel AlexanderDag siden

    "the whole rap movement" 😂😂😂😂

  • alex zorkin
    alex zorkinDag siden

    You sort of need a truck to move a camera and a cameraman

  • Simon Fredette
    Simon FredetteDag siden

    do you guys not camp and stuff, I need a pickup because every weekend im towing a boat, with an ATV in the box and my gear. Buying renovation materials for the cottage etc. I mean it could be done with a van and a trailer

  • David Wilson
    David WilsonDag siden

    An old man who is saying he doesn't like old things and we should move on to newer things? Dr. Kevorkian please setup !

  • Anna Ripoll
    Anna RipollDag siden

    "Like, comment, subscribe. I wouldn't." lol

  • UNYcross
    UNYcrossDag siden

    I struggle with pink.. wearing a pink shirt.. lol

  • Gabriel Steele
    Gabriel SteeleDag siden

    I don't think you should have a pickup Every guy in the US: 😠😡😤😑

    TRITONDag siden

    i struggle with pink - james may (while wearing pink)

  • Waygadoo
    WaygadooDag siden

    When was the last time May looked in the mirror? Mirror roasts him every time.

  • The brummie Rail enthusiasts
    The brummie Rail enthusiastsDag siden

    Look how James may has changed since grand tour co presenting days he’s now in the glasses and he’s grown a moustache and beard

  • Yasser Masood
    Yasser MasoodDag siden

    I agree people should move on. So when are you moving on with hairstyle and wardrobe?

  • Martin
    MartinDag siden


  • Robert Burbulea
    Robert BurbuleaDag siden

    4:35 pink is a colour I struggle Well do you?

  • mbPhase23
    mbPhase232 dager siden

    "A very prickly music movement." Love it

  • cono07
    cono072 dager siden

    Pink is a colour I struggle with. He is wearing a pink and purple shirt

  • Cap'n Jay Greybeard
    Cap'n Jay Greybeard2 dager siden

    At 8:58, only reason Ford has such high selling trucks is because the 35% import Tax ("Chicken Tax" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_tax) in the USA against Honda and Toyota and other import trucks from other world countries.

  • Cap'n Jay Greybeard
    Cap'n Jay Greybeard2 dager siden

    At 4:29 he hates pink but is wearing pink...

  • Louis Milone
    Louis Milone2 dager siden

    Woa,what happened with his face hair?

  • Abdul & Rezwana
    Abdul & Rezwana2 dager siden

    I thought Rolf Harris was in prison

  • Metal Morphine
    Metal Morphine2 dager siden

    You know it's serious when Captain Slow himself roasting you.

  • Big Squeek-Guidry
    Big Squeek-Guidry2 dager siden


  • XODuke
    XODuke2 dager siden

    hes wearing the top/shirt

  • Brian Holmes
    Brian Holmes2 dager siden

    James May looks at Lana Rhodes' car the way most people look at her... ahem... other content

  • edward wigmore
    edward wigmore2 dager siden

    Rolls Royce drumming down. Pink cars ffs!!! The Cullinan - essentially a very rich person's estate car. And who in their right mind buys a PINK rolls Royce. Dear oh dear.

  • Darren Fuerst
    Darren Fuerst2 dager siden

    Yeaaa tavarishes veyron was a joke

  • Patrick Tötterström
    Patrick Tötterström2 dager siden

    I'm a hobby-beekeeper and I really would like to have a pick up truck! I imagine it's way less stressful to transport the Beehives on the outside of the car. I'd miss the looks, when I drive in full Beekeeping gear though.

  • Rishi Makhanlal
    Rishi Makhanlal2 dager siden

    4:35 "Pink is a color I struggle with" James: Wears iconic pink jumper

    LONDON2 dager siden


  • Mr.LeeBuns
    Mr.LeeBuns2 dager siden


  • chaton roux
    chaton roux2 dager siden

    2:50 nah it looks like a trx4

  • element:earth
    element:earth2 dager siden

    May should listen to Immortal Technique

  • C Suggs
    C Suggs3 dager siden

    Billy Connolly is looking well 😂

  • Replicant 2049
    Replicant 20493 dager siden

    "Pink is a colour I struggle with" critiqued the man wearing two shades of pink

  • 24 Hours Stagefright
    24 Hours Stagefright3 dager siden

    Sir May referring about...

  • Miss Marple's Bum Fuzz
    Miss Marple's Bum Fuzz3 dager siden

    The 930 Porsche had non standard wheels.

  • S1m31
    S1m313 dager siden

    pink like your shirt :)

  • Nico Tribaldos
    Nico Tribaldos3 dager siden

    the fact that James May didn’t know about the 4x4 squared baffles me. I think that color is stock, too.

  • Adi Ovadia
    Adi Ovadia3 dager siden

    James sure knows how to keep his cloth in top shape for years. same shirt from the early 2000's top gear episodes, he's awesome.

  • Jaafar Hassan
    Jaafar Hassan3 dager siden

    Can we ignore his critqiues for a second and appreciate he's still wearing the same jumper he wore so many times on top gear?

  • Devo
    Devo3 dager siden

    "Why do you have a pickup truck?" *All of Australia disliked this*

  • Texas T

    Texas T

    19 timer siden

    as well as all of the southern US

  • LazZanZaz
    LazZanZaz3 dager siden

    I wouldn't too

  • -Carlos -Danger
    -Carlos -Danger3 dager siden

    That sweater is as famous as James May.

  • SteamrollerUSA
    SteamrollerUSA3 dager siden

    How many times does he give us the bird??

  • Gary Killington
    Gary Killington3 dager siden

    What is the obsession with these Mercedes g wagon these days

  • pheasant plucker
    pheasant plucker3 dager siden

    when did james may turn into rolf harris?

  • Mark Vince
    Mark Vince3 dager siden

    Honestly, James.

  • Yamaha Rider J
    Yamaha Rider J3 dager siden

    4:35 while wearing a pink shirt lol

  • Anthony Stafford
    Anthony Stafford3 dager siden

    Tj hunt knew his brother warwick hunt...

  • Clay Carmine
    Clay Carmine3 dager siden

    That shirt is aging at the same rate James May is

  • Two_Tone_ Xlophone
    Two_Tone_ Xlophone3 dager siden

    James May is an international treasure.

  • Abdul
    Abdul3 dager siden

    5:27 lol

  • Miles Van Rothow
    Miles Van Rothow3 dager siden

    I like the Huracan, love the Porsche Spyder, hate the pink Rolls Royce. James, wear your Top Gear bandana for windy days.

  • HJBad
    HJBad3 dager siden

    When did James turn 80? I thought he was much younger.

  • Krišjānis Dzalbe
    Krišjānis Dzalbe3 dager siden

    James May struggles with color pink while wearing a pink striped shirt

  • NizarShows
    NizarShows4 dager siden

    haha he got a point about pick up trucks haha

  • monkeydust100
    monkeydust1004 dager siden

    James looking more homeless in each video, nice.

  • Christian
    Christian4 dager siden

    So many kashpin

  • Ronald Harris
    Ronald Harris4 dager siden

    Wait until James discovers rich rebuilds the v8 Tesla is going to blow his mind

  • Luka Pagura
    Luka Pagura4 dager siden

    James may is obviously British. All Americans drive trucks, but he thinks only workers do😂😂😂

  • Gunnar Colwell
    Gunnar Colwell4 dager siden

    I must say I dig the look here. The long hair and beard. Kinda a fan

  • JSM
    JSM4 dager siden

    U struggle with purple and pink? Lol x

  • Cormac Trigg
    Cormac Trigg4 dager siden

    Wait. Has James located the fabled rugby shirt?

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C4 dager siden

    May is turning into billy connoly

  • Andrw
    Andrw4 dager siden

    that shirt is an abomination

  • Jimbobaloobob name
    Jimbobaloobob name4 dager siden

    I want a James May interactive robotic doll like Black Mirror Ashley Too

  • glockenrein
    glockenrein4 dager siden

    Chartreuse is the colour you’re looking for, I believe.

  • Grade Echo
    Grade Echo4 dager siden

    "Pink is a colour I struggle with" while wearing pink

    FPS WRECK4 dager siden

    Why does he look like a slimmer KFC colonel

  • Sam Wood
    Sam Wood4 dager siden

    The more he talks the less I follow 🤧

  • Swarl3s
    Swarl3s5 dager siden

    James May was more focused than the camera obviously..

  • Ted Wilson
    Ted Wilson5 dager siden

    Great to see you, MAY(to be said as Jeremy would vocalize).