James May's tips for passing your driving test first time

If you were to ask anyone in the whole world for advice about how to pass your driving test, James May would probably be somewhere in your top 5 picks. He has actually brought at an app recently to help people pass their test and get out on the roads, and he has sat down in his bunker to give you all some clever tips as well.

Check out James' new app here: jamesmaytheorytest.onelink.me...

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  • Tom Roach
    Tom Roach6 dager siden


  • DodgeViperAS
    DodgeViperAS7 dager siden

    nice fireblade in the background

  • Ezio Yang
    Ezio Yang8 dager siden

    U guys should do that CBR1000RRR fire blade review or anything on James’s bike

  • Lowe
    Lowe9 dager siden

    James may is based.

  • aaryan
    aaryan10 dager siden


  • Jonnny Ren
    Jonnny Ren11 dager siden

    Every time I see James, the Battle of Britain theme plays in my head. Maybe because he fought in it as well.

  • R. Voogt
    R. Voogt11 dager siden

    Sorry James, but it was funny.

  • Theo S
    Theo S12 dager siden

    Thanks James! Passed both tests and used your app.

  • White
    White14 dager siden

    That driving theory test is spot on 😂

  • foad666x
    foad666x14 dager siden

    if you want the middle of the road of India style of driving and still some European law to show you the way. drive in Iran and then get arrested as a spy.

  • Evan Davies
    Evan Davies15 dager siden

    Up the welsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • DenzoWenzo
    DenzoWenzo16 dager siden

    He looks like Hank from Detroit: Become Human

  • Delamiro
    Delamiro17 dager siden

    I was 13 when I first learned to drive, I’m only 14 and I can now fully drive and know a lot about it (not on the road I’m not doing it illegally)

  • Crescent
    Crescent17 dager siden

    The only thing that confused me when i first started driving was the clutch. I started a few weeks ago but now it feels pretty natural

  • Jasper Cowan
    Jasper Cowan18 dager siden

    Driving in my country, Australia is so lit!!!!

  • Cameron Richardson
    Cameron Richardson18 dager siden

    I never told my driving instructor I could drive and she was completely shocked that I pulled away effortlessly got up to top gear without even feeling the gear changes (most of the time) and I didn’t overcompensate on the steering but I did notice the faster you go the less movement is needed to change direction.

  • ArrZarr
    ArrZarr19 dager siden

    The trick to passing your driving test first time is to NOT play a racing game for three hours before leaving for the test. Go on, ask me how I know.

    CHELSEA GIBSON20 dager siden

    I passed my theory and practical driving test first time

  • Evelyn Rowe
    Evelyn Rowe20 dager siden

    Big ole dilf vibes tbh

  • Schoen Cho
    Schoen Cho25 dager siden

    He’s complaining the subcontinental drivers in London 🤣🤣

  • Kenneth Moyers
    Kenneth Moyers28 dager siden

    As far as passing the road test (in the US) schedule the test for a day when the facility isn't crowded. If the test auditors have a busy schedule that day, they will fail people in droves with a rubber stamp to save time. Some time ago a retired auditor wrote an essay defending the practice, and overscheduling has only gotten worse since then.

  • Anhad Sharma
    Anhad SharmaMåned siden

    As an Indian. The driving goes alot like he said. Along the flow. When I started riding my motorbike here a couple years back. I used to let others go and respect the way they are going. But around a month in I realised nobody who is driving is worthy of my respect as all of them are Morons.

  • Cookie
    CookieMåned siden

    Is it just me or is he getting younger

  • Chris Hussey
    Chris HusseyMåned siden

    I wonder who passed there driving test first May, Clarkson or Hammond?

  • Caffeinated Buffalo sauce
    Caffeinated Buffalo sauceMåned siden

    He’s so hip

  • Lovro Pablo
    Lovro PabloMåned siden

    Two days ago I went on my first drive and I have to be honest I wondered why my instructor let my drive after like 10 minutes, she showed all lights and said ok go drive after 30 minutes I was in 3rd fear going 90 km per hour. Now, you might ask How? Well the car I was using was BMW series 3. And I played Dirt 2.0 for a week straight what made me immune for fast speed.

  • Evan Grove
    Evan GroveMåned siden

    America: we drive on the right side of the road UK: we drive on the left side of the road Russia: road is road! Drive where you want! Road same road!

  • Captured By Smartphones
    Captured By SmartphonesMåned siden

    James slowly turning into Gandalf. You shall not pass your driving theory!

  • Heavy_ hate
    Heavy_ hateMåned siden

    Jeff Bridges? What are you doing here, DuDe?!

    SPOTLUXEMåned siden

    Sush Stop waffling 🤣😂🤣 is just joke

  • Isaac
    IsaacMåned siden

    Why am I watching this? I passed my test 8 years ago

  • Yohan
    YohanMåned siden

    mixing driving styles does work, here in kenya we do both following the rules and drive manic with the flow since the public transport vans and busses get their way and have more experience while the private cars have some drivers that are some of the most terrible drivers and they are the issue so those of us who drive well follow the rules but have to get around and manage other drivers

  • He Ma
    He MaMåned siden

    Most interesting boring guy on earth.

  • Katanji
    KatanjiMåned siden

    German here. Even though i have to admit i have been quite of a slacker with our app, the theoretical test worked on the first go. However, it took me 3 attempts for the practical one simply for the reason of stress/panic due to the test situation (second one barely lastet 2 Minuten -.-). Most important advice would probably be to just try to stay calm and always keep in mind that it will work out eventually, otherwise your instructor wouldnt have let you take the test yet.

  • Ob scured
    Ob scuredMåned siden

    meanwhile james may teaches a class on how to drive

  • Al T
    Al TMåned siden

    as an australian i can tell you distances are measured in cartons of beer not maps

  • Louis Faiers
    Louis FaiersMåned siden

    James may rocking the jeremy corbin beard

  • BeatByATaLi
    BeatByATaLiMåned siden

    I doubt May rides that CBR, or at least longer than 30 minutes at a time. My knees and back already hurt just looking at it, and I'm 24.

  • Simon George
    Simon GeorgeMåned siden

    The jacket is the business

  • Max Jansen
    Max JansenMåned siden

    So nobody is commenting about the pack of can nicely positioned inside one of his trophies?

  • Sayeed S
    Sayeed SMåned siden

    Why does he have a CBR1000RR-R

  • Alex Devlin
    Alex DevlinMåned siden

    7:58 James: "Is it funny if I just go **HORNK**? " Everyone: hehe yes

  • Kakka CarmenElectra
    Kakka CarmenElectraMåned siden

    Want to pass your car test first time? Pass your bike test, ride for 2 years (sensibly) and book your car test a few days before Xmas and in the evening. Assessor wants to go home and can't be assed, he'll see your already pink license, and pass you with ease. My instructor almost fell asleep and passed me with 0 minors. Drive well during the lesson obviously

  • Nikhil Shukla
    Nikhil ShuklaMåned siden

    Please show us James motorcycle collection!

  • Leho Soosilla
    Leho SoosillaMåned siden

    I'm afraid to turne the wheel now.

  • SuprA 44
    SuprA 44Måned siden

    James, The goattees Hammonds thing

  • Walter Burton
    Walter BurtonMåned siden


  • Manas Deshpande
    Manas DeshpandeMåned siden

    What about Indians Mr. Bim?? Where should we drive? Europe??

  • Mark A
    Mark AMåned siden

    Nobody washes my or the Mrs car but me. Always wash it down with a hose or pressure wash before going anywhere near it with a sponge! The local car wash will ruin your paintwork and insult you in a language you don't understand while smiling and taking your money, and if you're female, sexually harass you at the same time. Two local to me were shut down for just that!

  • Greg B
    Greg BMåned siden

    James looks exactly like the King of Rohan here

  • Mark A

    Mark A

    Måned siden

    Yosser Hughes?

  • luis manuel
    luis manuelMåned siden

    nice video , thank you

  • Iदीъёત સaन्दwиચ
    Iदीъёત સaन्दwиચMåned siden

    There is a reason why india has so many road deaths regardless of population size...

  • SAL-M
    SAL-MMåned siden

    Answer your dms I need a jag

  • Zan Chin
    Zan ChinMåned siden

    18 years old now! Getting my driving licence soon.

  • Malta inu
    Malta inuMåned siden

    James may looks like he's joining the hairy bikers, that would be amazing

  • Trevor Parker
    Trevor ParkerMåned siden

    When the instructor saw my name he passed me right away. Cheers

  • venoxity- -25
    venoxity- -25Måned siden


  • Alexandros L
    Alexandros LMåned siden

    Why is James giving us the finger?

  • BreakingBA
    BreakingBAMåned siden

    Not being funny, but I clean my own car, after the car wash people removed part of the paint on my bumper because they were to lazy an put the nozzle right up to the paint, then to add insult to injury damage one of my rear windows tints

  • Quagsire Mcgee
    Quagsire McgeeMåned siden

    When Australia is too big This post was made by the Canadian gang.

  • Chris W
    Chris WMåned siden

    "You're a great grandmother; do some knitting!" -James May

  • Arturas none
    Arturas noneMåned siden

    6:00 man i used to live in Bournemouth used to see an 70-90 year old ladies flooring a brand new porche 911, i was like - well you dont see that every day lol. Some people get old fast like you James some people learn to never grow up, because growing up is like a theory test.

  • Chris W

    Chris W

    Måned siden

    🤣I love Bournemouth, it's so crazy!

  • Salmon tube
    Salmon tubeMåned siden

    That pair of glasses is an optical illusion

  • A Dude
    A DudeMåned siden

    10:47 "A bag of crisp" You mean potato chips? That's kind cringe bro

  • Lurker
    LurkerMåned siden

    Thanks James I grew up watching Top Gear and Grand Tour now I'm going for my license and this helps a lot.

  • perry 115
    perry 115Måned siden

    Why does james look younger or is it just me hammond n Clarkson keep looking older and captain slowly keeps looking younger it's weird

  • Si PieMan

    Si PieMan

    Måned siden

    is he wearing coloured contact lenses?

  • Rosa
    RosaMåned siden

    This video is... very helpful

  • ssseeebbb007
    ssseeebbb007Måned siden

    James kinda looks like hammond with the goatie

  • Maxim Seynaeve
    Maxim SeynaeveMåned siden

    Why am I watching this? I've been driving for two decades.

  • Róbert Klenk
    Róbert KlenkMåned siden

    King Theoden is here! (Just found this channel with my fav car-guys. Cool, subscribed)

  • Dave Mulciber
    Dave MulciberMåned siden

    I like this look. He's obviously helping Wesley Snipes off some vampires.

  • Nate Dole
    Nate DoleMåned siden

    I don't remember ever seeing James with a beard before

  • Aidan D
    Aidan DMåned siden

    Does James actually ride that super bike ?

  • Guy B
    Guy BMåned siden

    I still think it's funny!

  • Navas Khan
    Navas KhanMåned siden

    He does look like King Theoden's long lost brother.

  • randy esyelnat
    randy esyelnatMåned siden

    "Australia is too big" *laughs in Texas*

  • Dane


    Måned siden

    Australia is 50 times bigger than Texas,buddy...

  • Steve Millard
    Steve MillardMåned siden

    Thank you! I thought I was the only one who struggled with steering when learning to drive. I'd been a biker for a year or two before tackling cars. On my first lesson I drove down the main street of our local town; leant nicely into the left hand corner at the end and carried straight on almost into the local branch of Nat West. We had little score cards for each lesson; I got nil points for steering.

  • Philipmic
    PhilipmicMåned siden

    I have a tip don't listen for tip

  • Mathew Gerber
    Mathew GerberMåned siden

    James that HONDA is Stunning what is the yellow bike in the back !!!

  • GrockleTD
    GrockleTDMåned siden

    Not related, but i'd love to know; If Saab could be brought back, would (James May) want it to be?

  • ツ
    Måned siden

    Is it just me or his hair color is coming back or is he dyeing it?

  • David Shields
    David ShieldsMåned siden

    Where did you get the horn James? ( asking for a friend)

  • Beater
    BeaterMåned siden

    India driving and Europe driving don't mix? Have you ever driven in Naples? Do it and we'll talk again. :p

  • Jake O'Brien
    Jake O'BrienMåned siden

    For the love of Pete, normalize the music and speech volumes! Nice video though, well done, thoroughly enjoyable :D.

  • Blueryx Falls
    Blueryx FallsMåned siden

    Steering is difficult for beginers because it's electric and not hydrolic

  • Johnny Light
    Johnny LightMåned siden

    the only reason i passed is cuz the cop took me along as his witness so i memorized all the street rules

  • Matt Smart
    Matt SmartMåned siden

    I see James couldn't resist that new Fireblade.

  • CnPx
    CnPxMåned siden

    Can't believe he's 58 and still uploads regular NOprojects videos.

  • comeberza
    comeberzaMåned siden

    I desperately want to have his garage and whats inside

  • aaryan
    aaryanMåned siden

    We need james on a bike and richaard on a bike!!! Motorbike I meaan🐊🐊

  • aaryan
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  • aaryan
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  • aaryan
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  • Beechgoose 1
    Beechgoose 1Måned siden

    He's forgotten. Driving instructers teach noobs to steer in an unintuitive way, that no-one ever does. It's hard to explain. But it's like not crossing your hands. Fail, mr May.

  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew MitchellMåned siden

    Steering was the easiest part when I learned. I remember in my first lesson we were going to just go up and down a straight road but the instructor got me to go around a housing estate with various parked cars and traffic which was a bit scary. The hardest part is dealing with traffic and complex road layouts.

  • Craig VK2PAW
    Craig VK2PAWMåned siden

    As an Australian I agree on the distances in driving here

  • Edoardo Castelli
    Edoardo CastelliMåned siden

    Bag of CRISPS

  • Qlixty
    QlixtyMåned siden

    Burger king

  • Sprutzy
    SprutzyMåned siden

    Is that an NSR in the background?

  • JDTog Gaming
    JDTog GamingMåned siden

    Dear Editors, The transition music volume is too loud in comparison to the commentary. Respectfully, JDTog