Restoring the car that Clarkson, Hammond and May all love | Ep.2

The next stage of the DriveTribe Ford Mondeo ST200 restoration is here! In this episode, the oily bits are stripped to be fully refreshed, and the main body of the car is painted in the original stunning Imperial Blue. Enjoy!

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  • Stuuuartyboy
    Stuuuartyboy6 dager siden

    You a this the same V6 that jag use in there X type 4x4 ????

  • FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastName29 dager siden

    Great video, but that fake Halfords errand was embarrassing.. lol

  • Callum P
    Callum PMåned siden

    I just bought one

  • Groaznic
    GroaznicMåned siden

    Awesome restoration, and awesome to see the romanian flag slapped on the back of that van at 2:14 :)

  • Willerb
    WillerbMåned siden

    This is like Operation Vagabond Falcon but more proper

  • sgtgrash
    sgtgrashMåned siden

    The Covid-19 announcement at the beginning is for aesthetic purposes only... 🤫

  • Sven Rocho
    Sven RochoMåned siden

    Schön habe auch ein st200 limosine

  • You Done Messed Up
    You Done Messed UpMåned siden

    Real Ford men know their stuff like their hands. Every mark has a story and knows where ever piece gets put back... After their first mistake using their hands incorrectly. ❤️Ford

  • Simon Morris
    Simon MorrisMåned siden

    I had the STW24 estate. Fantastic car and went like a train. Also worked on some bracketry for the updated version.

  • Mr James May
    Mr James May2 måneder siden

    Where’s episode 3!!!

  • Nicholas Watson
    Nicholas Watson2 måneder siden

    I used to have an ST24, so I'm pleased to see this ST200 get restored. I have very fond memories of mine. It gripped like s**t to a blanket.

  • Stuart Cowan
    Stuart Cowan2 måneder siden

    is there any more videos ?

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott2 måneder siden

    Are you going to share with us the rust damage repairs. It’s hugely skilled work.

  • dylan smith
    dylan smith2 måneder siden

    where tf is episode 3 ?????

  • auto body tech for life
    auto body tech for life2 måneder siden

    were is part 3 ????

  • P Upton
    P Upton2 måneder siden

    All like. Let's not get carried away. It's a capable enough vehicle of that era given it's badge, price etc Only ford nerd would say they love something so average.

  • Joseph Leo Ndlovu
    Joseph Leo Ndlovu3 måneder siden

    It's been 85 years no update 😂😂😂

  • Gilmore
    Gilmore3 måneder siden

    This is great series but we need more episodes and weekly not monthly! 😬

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones3 måneder siden

    How long is it likely to be before we see another episode?

  • Martijn Draijer
    Martijn Draijer3 måneder siden

    episode 3 would be great!

  • Richard Norman
    Richard Norman3 måneder siden

    When ya mechanic looks like Billy bunter 😂😂

  • Gaz W
    Gaz W3 måneder siden

    Halfords primer needed then pans to a fully professional paint shop set up 😆😆

  • Steven Rout
    Steven Rout3 måneder siden

    When is the next video being put out????

  • Micah Reinhart
    Micah Reinhart3 måneder siden

    Meanwhile I drive an audi with a 20year old motor at 280k miles running 21 lbs of boost....

  • Karl Reynolds
    Karl Reynolds3 måneder siden

    the mechanic looks like matt lucas

  • Paul de Joode
    Paul de Joode3 måneder siden

    I would change the chains and sprockets if I had the engine out completely. Better be safe then sorry

  • Ben Stifler
    Ben Stifler3 måneder siden

    Looking at the ford RS cosworth in the poster on the wall back there, it reminds me of the only unit here in malaysia. still running till today. beautiful creature !

  • Ian Ham
    Ian Ham3 måneder siden

    Can you disconnect the battery on these without it forgetting the key etc?

  • james johnson
    james johnson3 måneder siden

    Love this type of content, when is the next one coming out

  • Patrick Pat
    Patrick Pat3 måneder siden

    Couldn't watch the whole thing... Those pants (trousers for U.K) he was wearing can make a straight man cringe...

  • gaffnaldo1
    gaffnaldo13 måneder siden

    What part of scotland is this guy from? Fake accent

  • Lo ranger
    Lo ranger3 måneder siden

    How much would it cost for a restoration like this?

  • Milan Sasín
    Milan Sasín3 måneder siden

    Hey guys, i have this engine and i hear some rattling about 3000RPM when i have engine warm especially when i am took a foot off from gas pedal. Could it be a tensioners ? THX a lot for this video

  • Dry Roasted
    Dry Roasted3 måneder siden

    Why doesn't he blot the block to an assembly stand?

  • Richard Mock
    Richard Mock3 måneder siden

    I’m willing to sell a kidney for that car 😁☝️

  • mightywatcher


    3 måneder siden

    not worth it its not even a classic lol

  • J 24
    J 243 måneder siden

    should of bought the shot blasting to me at Lankies refurbs

  • Roko’s Basilisk
    Roko’s Basilisk3 måneder siden

    Id love that car

  • KaliKavala
    KaliKavala3 måneder siden

    Nice click-bait. and a big DISLIKE

  • Ian Greenwood
    Ian Greenwood3 måneder siden

    Ford engineer, specialises in fords uses a land rover instead of a transit.

  • Eoin Cummins
    Eoin Cummins4 måneder siden

    Halfords primer? 🤔 strange way of prep/paint

  • Andras Oravecz
    Andras Oravecz4 måneder siden

    Mondeo prices skyrocketing in 3...2...1...

  • Mohammad Faïz
    Mohammad Faïz4 måneder siden

    James should be here, the mechnic guy and him explain very well

  • skippymon
    skippymon4 måneder siden

    Cool resto. But who is Mike exactly?

  • D Cap
    D Cap4 måneder siden

    Here's one. Restore the Toyota Helix truck they totaled on Top Gear ⚙

  • ACEP00N
    ACEP00N4 måneder siden

    Nice bait

  • Jer Gol
    Jer Gol4 måneder siden

    Cost to have the pro do the work: expensive. Cost to watch while he does it: expensive *1.5 Cost to help while he does it: expensive *2.0 Cost to do it while he helps: expensive *3.0

  • johndeq
    johndeq4 måneder siden

    Every time see one of the ST Mondeo's remember when I shot 2 cons rods out of mine on the Bedford bypass 😂

  • Kenny Bellau
    Kenny Bellau4 måneder siden

    Our Facebook group here in the US, (SVT Contour Owners) are watching intently. BTW, we have a few members pushing well past 300hp on that engine. Some are approaching 500hp.

  • Rob Simmons
    Rob Simmons4 måneder siden

    Awesome Mike. Can’t wait for the next episode. I'm driving a '17 Focus ST. Goes like a scalded cat.

  • Luca Trifan
    Luca Trifan4 måneder siden

    Can it be bought in the EU?

  • Łukasz K
    Łukasz K4 måneder siden

    New, never used original front low arms 97BG-3042-BA , 97BG-3051-BA. Interested?

  • mrlemonmann55
    mrlemonmann554 måneder siden

    What kind of cost would you be looking at for this kind of restoration? I have a low mileage focus ST170 that could do with some tlc

  • Maanus Mei
    Maanus Mei4 måneder siden

    Haters will hate me, but ST200 or not, I still don't understand why would anyone spend this much time and money on a plastic Ford junk..

  • jf blanco
    jf blanco4 måneder siden

    There is something wrong with colour treatment in this series of videos.

  • ujhagyma
    ujhagyma4 måneder siden

    I need all these restoring on my own ST200 :D

  • John Oleg
    John Oleg4 måneder siden

    "7:02" Happy to get a lot of *DIAMONDS* from *ML2.BEST*

  • Jay
    Jay4 måneder siden

    What will happen to the car when it’s finished?

  • Emin Muradov
    Emin Muradov4 måneder siden

    Next video, one year later.

  • Potaka79
    Potaka794 måneder siden

    Please tell me you are going to put more power through this motor while you have it stripped down and out of the engine bay. You will never have a better chance and it is much more cost effective.

  • James Rickwood
    James Rickwood4 måneder siden

    I'm sure that looked like satin black spray paint

  • TeflonBilly
    TeflonBilly4 måneder siden

    The rattle on cold start is completely normal, I don't think you need new tensioners.

  • Alexander Wooldridge Smith
    Alexander Wooldridge Smith4 måneder siden

    Had two V6 Mondeo's and those engines are bullet proof. More than happy with mega mileage as long as you change the oil on time and use decent oil. Biggest expence I had on either of them was new plug leads.

  • Alexander Wooldridge Smith

    Alexander Wooldridge Smith

    4 måneder siden

    @Edward Davies that's strange as one of my engine design collegues at Ilmor said he had worked on it at Cosworth.

  • Edward Davies

    Edward Davies

    4 måneder siden

    Engineered by Porsche in Germany is the main reason it’s a great engine.

  • Smart Car UK
    Smart Car UK4 måneder siden

    Please, please, please wear a full face air fed mask when using 2k paints. Cartridge masks offer little protection and the isocyanates can even enter into your bloodstream through your eyes....

  • EduSpen
    EduSpen4 måneder siden

    Every mechanic should have a Midlands accent

  • Remlap42
    Remlap424 måneder siden

    so was that the worlds first ford 3 cylinder?

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker4 måneder siden

    A buddy had an SVT contour. I loved that thing. Its sad they didn't make more

  • Ronald Harrison
    Ronald Harrison4 måneder siden

    He has had the engine for a week and its still in one peace! I used to dismantle in one day and rebuild in two!

  • jeffrey arnold

    jeffrey arnold

    4 måneder siden

    you were not being filmed for NOprojects though.

  • andromedafan
    andromedafan4 måneder siden

    Will there be a price breakdown of this restoration at the end??

  • johnas2004
    johnas20044 måneder siden

    10:25 - Some rust??? Ruddy big hole mate!

  • Mark Morrissey
    Mark Morrissey4 måneder siden

    Sticking my neck out here. But i think I noticed a subtle Halfords product placement 🤔

  • evansisgreat
    evansisgreat4 måneder siden

    Lol at the idea of a bodyshop using Halford rattle cans during a job!

  • Josh Watton
    Josh Watton4 måneder siden

    I'm not a Ford guy at all. But this is cool and interesting to watch. Look forward to seeing the rest 👍🏼

  • Avijit Kabiraj
    Avijit Kabiraj4 måneder siden

    Read comedy of coffin on kindle unlimited

  • 86andyw
    86andyw4 måneder siden

    Should have got the 4 wheel drive model.

  • Killa Smurf
    Killa Smurf4 måneder siden

    Did i hear that right ? They have the chains off and there going to clean them?😂 it would make alot more sense to put new on whilst its off no?

  • jeffrey arnold

    jeffrey arnold

    4 måneder siden

    they were replaced

  • Steve Hirst
    Steve Hirst4 måneder siden

    Why was the basket full of satin black?🤦 2:49

  • Greg Benn
    Greg Benn4 måneder siden

    Nice video but can't we see the real cars in background pls

  • McDaints
    McDaints4 måneder siden

    This makes me want a mondeo as my first car

  • lil veky
    lil veky4 måneder siden

    this is so satisfying to watch

    GWLAD4 måneder siden

    How much will it cost to get it restored???

  • Mark C. Ryan
    Mark C. Ryan4 måneder siden

    1996 Contour GLS was my first car. I saw the front end of that Mondeo and immediately went to Part 1 before coming back here.

  • Les Foster
    Les Foster4 måneder siden

    Why reuse timing chains? You’re already right there.

  • jeffrey arnold

    jeffrey arnold

    4 måneder siden

    they were replaced

  • Granjacia
    Granjacia4 måneder siden

    i think its a wind up, its a boat

  • Rob G
    Rob G4 måneder siden

    Ford imperial blue is awesome. I had a fiesta Zetec S. Once compounded, polished and waxed you could fall into it the paintwork. It’s such a nice deep colour.

  • Arden Blue
    Arden Blue4 måneder siden

    Anybody else notice Satin black???? Guess Halfords sold out of Gloss lol

  • Dan Hyde
    Dan Hyde4 måneder siden

    Been waiting on this

  • Kevin Isaac
    Kevin Isaac4 måneder siden

    Great video 👍

  • Albert Ellison
    Albert Ellison4 måneder siden

    Legit 15k of work here, very satisfying watch

  • Mark Longchamps
    Mark Longchamps4 måneder siden

    If i lived in the UK, this guy would fix my fords. Genius!

  • Kris Rogers
    Kris Rogers4 måneder siden

    "Temporary repair that's a little too temporary..." - The story of every *effective* temporary fix ever

  • r. subie
    r. subie4 måneder siden

    1:09 Trans a mission

  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž Bohinc4 måneder siden

    At least apply a defauly lot on the video, why would you post a flat profile... jesus christ.. Money can't buy competence

  • Super Eurobeet
    Super Eurobeet4 måneder siden

    I don't care if you followed the hysteria legislation. In fact, it makes me want to watch something else because frankly it's pathetic.

  • TryHard FinessedYou
    TryHard FinessedYou4 måneder siden

    Shrek is one of the greatest movies of all time.

  • mike cast
    mike cast4 måneder siden

    Hurry up with the next episode

  • Laurens Boers
    Laurens Boers4 måneder siden

    yust replace te chain its better that little bit of money extra and your safe voor ever

  • jeffrey arnold

    jeffrey arnold

    4 måneder siden

    they were replaced

  • Henry Woodlock
    Henry Woodlock4 måneder siden

    Great episode Mike 👍

  • TheCornishGinger
    TheCornishGinger4 måneder siden

    I just got finished swapping and porting the head on my car was the most interesting and fun thing I've done to a car ever 😂 this is looking sweet will be nice to see some more videos

  • Crizzly BearMills
    Crizzly BearMills4 måneder siden

    I have an ST220 and this is so inspiring :) Great to see it being restored to its glory!

  • Andrew Olson
    Andrew Olson4 måneder siden

    It's great to see that Mondeo get some love. Looks like she's shaping up nicely!