We got James May back in a Dacia Sandero!

Good news! James May has had a drive in the latest Dacia Sandero! But he's decided upon a twin test that you probably aren't expecting...

Check out the behind the scenes: noprojects.info/camera/video/q7ibgdWImoF-fpk


  • Lucy at DriveTribe
    Lucy at DriveTribe10 dager siden

    I hope you enjoyed the video! Here's a behind the scenes if you fancy it: noprojects.info/camera/video/q7ibgdWImoF-fpk

  • Edward Fletcher

    Edward Fletcher

    5 dager siden

    @Jules Marwell James has been obsessed with small, cheap, simple cars for decades, his previous favourite was the Fiat Panda, which he owned for many years.

  • Jules Marwell

    Jules Marwell

    5 dager siden

    model T ford was a complete car also mister james

  • Jules Marwell

    Jules Marwell

    5 dager siden

    Jamie boy. how much does dacias pay you for their commercials ??????

  • •Φ•


    6 dager siden

    Cheap, you mean Borrowed?

  • BOW 257

    BOW 257

    6 dager siden

    shameless plug

  • Jack Hetherington
    Jack Hetherington5 minutter siden

    Literally just drove 6 hours to buy my frist car and it's this

  • Jack Hetherington

    Jack Hetherington

    5 minutter siden

    And yes I did it for the memes

  • Shalabazer The Boltstruck
    Shalabazer The Boltstruck2 timer siden


  • TheTwingg
    TheTwingg3 timer siden

    "Buy a Dacia, no one will talk to you.., you will be lonely" Ordering my Dacia now.

  • Nova Legodi
    Nova Legodi8 timer siden

    Hey its Mr slowly

  • Luke McEllin
    Luke McEllin10 timer siden

    My mum has a dacia sandero from a few years ago and its great

  • Torka
    Torka13 timer siden

    This was amazing. It was like watching Top Gear in 2008. I want more

  • CasualGamer
    CasualGamer13 timer siden


  • Slikx666
    Slikx66613 timer siden

    Not a bad looking car. It would get me and my friend from A to B. But does it come in different colours?

  • XxJay71xX


    7 timer siden

    Red, blue, White, Black, 3 shades of Grey, and you can get an Orange one if you get the Stepway version. Yeah I guess the paint was one of the cost cutting.

  • Ventus Pri
    Ventus Pri14 timer siden

    1:49 i see what you did, there

  • hamza Edd
    hamza Edd15 timer siden

    am here for may btw he is slowely becoming gandalf

  • Pontus Hylén
    Pontus Hylén18 timer siden

    I wonder what mr Slowly thinks of SsangYong, he should test one

  • Fratele Andrei
    Fratele Andrei19 timer siden


  • skylineXpert
    skylineXpert19 timer siden

    He do know that its a mother in-law friendly renault clio 4

  • XxJay71xX


    7 timer siden

    It's in fact the first Dacia car NOT based on the old generation Renault, it's the same base as the Renault Clio V

  • vitor paiva
    vitor paiva20 timer siden

    This looks like a vw polo

  • alin cristian
    alin cristian22 timer siden

    Funny thing, in Monaco, looking after a Ferrari, the next car was Dacia.

  • Brian
    Brian22 timer siden

    At the beginning of the episode you are wearing a woollen jumper. Was it made of wool from Clarkson's farm? It looks hand made.

  • AK MTB
    AK MTB22 timer siden

    Sick bike tho

  • Vlatko V
    Vlatko V22 timer siden

    Yeah if it's between a Dacia and a bike, buy both. You'll need the bike for the months the Dacia will be at the mechanic

  • 4 Sight
    4 Sight23 timer siden

    "Oh yea, Anyway"

  • A Geary
    A GearyDag siden

    I think you got ripped off on that bike, with that frame and components i'm sure you could have done better.

  • Steve 74
    Steve 74Dag siden

    Feeds crisps to his bike just when I thought I could not like James anymore

  • Nonstop YA 77
    Nonstop YA 77Dag siden


  • Kolzi
    KolziDag siden

    Dacia Sandero confirmed to be antifa

  • ar br
    ar brDag siden


  • 778125539
    778125539Dag siden

    Români pe aici?

  • wojciech grodnicki
    wojciech grodnickiDag siden

    James May trimmed down considerably. Well done young man.

  • Kipkemoi Kiptum
    Kipkemoi KiptumDag siden


    — KING BR3ADBIN —Dag siden

    James is by far the most terrifying of the trio, dose everyone remember when he woke up pointing a machete at Clarkson in Bolivia.

  • kalle e
    kalle eDag siden

    How can I possible not like this video (just based on the title)

  • John Davis
    John DavisDag siden

    Literally no-one is trying to decide between spending £8000 on a new car or a top spec bicycle. No-one. Ever.

  • Secondo Account
    Secondo AccountDag siden

    I wouldn’t pay more than a 1000

  • Matheus Leite Péres
    Matheus Leite PéresDag siden

    May, i take the sandero If You Will, i live in brazil

  • Iron CαlIN
    Iron CαlINDag siden

    Captain Slow, driving a Sandero 1400 kilometers without stop and wining the race against all the supercars.

  • Sukhdev R34
    Sukhdev R34Dag siden

    Why would anyone buy a car this basic new for 8k instead of a used Corsa or something for like £800?

  • Anna Ripoll
    Anna RipollDag siden

    what is manual air-conditioning? is there a crank you have to turn to cool your car?

  • Rakido
    RakidoDag siden

    "I painted it the same colours as my Ferrari. I sometimes park it in the bedroom." How do you get your Ferrari into your bedroom?

  • P. Herrmann
    P. HerrmannDag siden

    No offense here but.. i call people who spend 8000 pounds or 9300€ on a non electric bike absolutely insane!

  • Don Lee
    Don LeeDag siden

    James looks like the king from Lord of the Rings twin towers.

  • Outcast501
    Outcast501Dag siden

    cheapist car in britan. still 10 grand out of my price range

  • Flavius Flavius
    Flavius FlaviusDag siden

    I chose the bike😁i have only 2😅

  • Matty James's
    Matty James's2 dager siden

    That Car 🤢

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi2 dager siden

    May: “great news! I’m finally gonna drive a Dacia Sandero” Clarkson: “Great! Anyway…”

  • Julian Roberts
    Julian Roberts2 dager siden

    Is he on the Dacia pay roll?!!!!!!!!

  • Rodrigo Melo
    Rodrigo Melo2 dager siden

    In Brazil we have a Sandero with 150hp

  • Joshua Pope
    Joshua Pope2 dager siden

    Is nobody going to mention his goatee?

  • idk what to call this
    idk what to call this2 dager siden

    when i clicked on this a sandero passed me 😂

  • Jachym Lukes
    Jachym Lukes2 dager siden

    @1:23 The Bike of BIM. My life is now complete

  • BV
    BV2 dager siden

    Mans looking like the KFC founder and logo

  • Kennedy
    Kennedy2 dager siden

    I swear, hearing James May say ‘like, comment, subscribe’ is the most unnatural thing Like seeing a guy in shorts and sandals listening to death metal

  • Noor Fahad
    Noor Fahad2 dager siden

    The normal starter cytochemically ruin because copy epidemiologically release unto a helpful lily. miscreant, kindly helen

  • Daftrok
    Daftrok2 dager siden

    Oh yes! Anyway...

  • Milan04
    Milan042 dager siden

    Nice ! Anyway

  • Rhys Renton
    Rhys Renton2 dager siden

    Drove a Dacia once tried to move the seat forward and the lever snapped off. Everything was nasty and cheap also the steering felt more like a suggestion to the Greek government

  • Peter Phillipps
    Peter Phillipps2 dager siden

    Stop messing around in cars and get down the farm, there is an old man who needs a lot of help!

  • Brian Holmes
    Brian Holmes2 dager siden

    I came for the meme, but now I kind of want a Sandero...

  • PsYChOtlC _ShArK
    PsYChOtlC _ShArK2 dager siden

    James alone has done so much for the dacia brand its actually amazing

  • Mateusz Kudz
    Mateusz Kudz2 dager siden

    This car is the best its faster than a Aston,lambo and a Ferrari and costs 1,000,000 x cheaper

  • Loremaster the Science Demon
    Loremaster the Science Demon2 dager siden

    "You pull in the Sandero and nobody will want to talk to you." That's an absolute win!

  • marc zepol
    marc zepol2 dager siden

    Given the two options, I’d rather walk.

  • Yam1991-95
    Yam1991-952 dager siden

    1:14 What did he say about bike stuff?!

  • Valentin
    Valentin2 dager siden

    9:07 Dacia Duster is better than those...

  • iAMChris
    iAMChris2 dager siden

    Not like the former Top Gear team to recycle old jokes.... 🙄

  • Abdul Malik
    Abdul Malik2 dager siden

    James may is the kind of guy to own a £8000 bike... that has no engine. Captain slow living up to his name

  • Berci1511
    Berci15112 dager siden

    I want to see him in the new Dacia Spring full electric

  • Nasty business.
    Nasty business.2 dager siden

    But why would want one..

  • bodyboarder51
    bodyboarder512 dager siden

    Pity they cannot give a delivery date for them, my boy pre ordered one last year and they still can't give a date 🙄🤔

  • dude imperfect .
    dude imperfect .2 dager siden

    I thought you were on top gear?

  • Samuel L
    Samuel L2 dager siden

    Oh no! Anyway...

  • Bobo M
    Bobo M3 dager siden

    Wau 🌼 this was a really enjoyable video

  • The Headless Hebertist
    The Headless Hebertist3 dager siden

    Really James...you chose SRAM over Shimano?

  • JM's unemployment tube

    JM's unemployment tube

    2 dager siden

    @Giles Turner I have those on my other bikes.

  • Giles Turner

    Giles Turner

    2 dager siden

    I don't get that either. Maybe he can't get along with the ergonomics of the Shimano shifter? There's no reason to go with it over Record or Ultegra.

  • Cap't Toffee
    Cap't Toffee3 dager siden

    Now it's time to see how fast this new Sandero can go around the track which means handing it over to our tame racing driver.

  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell3 dager siden

    Yer missed out MORE SAFETY. In the Dacia hit X, and you'll more than likely walk away. Hit X on the bike and if you dont die, you'll more than likely end up in a hospital.

  • Atomic Lancerr
    Atomic Lancerr3 dager siden


  • checc onetwo
    checc onetwo3 dager siden

    This made my soul so happy ❤ #TopGearVibes

  • Ah Is
    Ah Is3 dager siden

    ... Anyway

  • Miss Marple's Bum Fuzz
    Miss Marple's Bum Fuzz3 dager siden

    A Sandero doesn't cause queues of pee'd off drivers on otherwise clear roads. Sandero 5 Orbea 2

  • Santiago
    Santiago3 dager siden

    They need to get him in a Sandero RS, it's a Dacia/Renault Sandero spiced up by Renaultsport, a fun 2.0 145hp hatchback that embraces the old hot hatches vibe.

  • George Cremeans
    George Cremeans3 dager siden

    This is legitimately like the old reviews he used to do.

  • Victor Barasa
    Victor Barasa3 dager siden


  • Braskus
    Braskus3 dager siden

    Now this is a quality video.

  • Thallen
    Thallen3 dager siden

    love "the bike of Bim" on his bike

  • Pascal Schwarzer
    Pascal Schwarzer3 dager siden

    when I don't get new friends just because I own a sandero, I would'nt want them as friends :D

  • dylan ryan
    dylan ryan3 dager siden

    Anything Dacia is trash

  • Michael Shawn
    Michael Shawn3 dager siden

    Nice job Bim.

  • Avpete5
    Avpete53 dager siden

    The Bike of Bim 😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Nature Specialist
    Nature Specialist3 dager siden

    James May:”Great news!!!! Jeremy Clarkson:”What!!?”

  • Brian Carvalho
    Brian Carvalho3 dager siden

    Best like for like comparison. Eye opener! Bikes are more expensive to run as compared to a car!

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
    r e v e l a r e_ XVII3 dager siden

    Oh no! Anyway last week...

  • rick astley
    rick astley3 dager siden

    oh no! anyway...

  • stonebandit
    stonebandit3 dager siden

    it's been delayed!

  • Bob Trevena
    Bob Trevena3 dager siden

    I traded in my 15 plate Dacia Sandero Laureate Prime and bought the latest Sandero Stepway 90 TCE auto. I've had it just over two weeks now and love it.

  • CatsExe
    CatsExe3 dager siden

    I c o n i c

  • Wollemand
    Wollemand3 dager siden

    Freedom is to travel cheaply through Europe without being forced to work.. A Sandero just screams freedom on 4 wheels..

  • Private Dead
    Private Dead3 dager siden

    looking like a grey richard branson

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh3 dager siden

    Bike of BIM

  • Gel Mibson
    Gel Mibson3 dager siden

    10k for a bicycle.....rrrrrriiiiiiiight

  • Dehinor Vargas
    Dehinor Vargas3 dager siden

    Is Orbea japanese?

  • KamiRecca
    KamiRecca3 dager siden

    "The bike of Bim" That cracked me up. Hey Bim, do you want to know something? Owaowaowaowa cykling kind of gets me exited for nature. What do you think? Bim?