What happened to James May's Ferrari 458 Speciale?

It has been away from the public eye for what seems like years, but James finally has the V8 thoroughbred Ferrari back in his garage, ready for a thrash into the countryside when lockdown lifts. Mike grabbed him for a chat about the car, and how his 2021 is going so far.

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  • Alfie Carter
    Alfie Carter2 timer siden


  • Gopal Trikamdas
    Gopal TrikamdasDag siden

    James May wants a giant petting zoo, I totally get that.

  • Satan
    Satan2 dager siden

    James with a animal sanctuary was unexpectedly cute

  • Sam Hussey
    Sam Hussey2 dager siden


  • Dan _
    Dan _4 dager siden

    James has to get back with his videos about toys, cool mechanisms and other interesting vintage products. Please, James!

  • Ajay S
    Ajay S5 dager siden

    Well you certainly can't come to India now as the condition is worse than any country 😥

  • Jean-Claude Morgan
    Jean-Claude Morgan7 dager siden

    Anyone else notice the bird poo on the windscreen?

  • WontonRedemption
    WontonRedemption9 dager siden

    James has always had a special lil place in my heart :)

  • Unknown Perso
    Unknown Perso9 dager siden

    Has anyone noticed than may is the only one to say covid?

  • Abby Webb
    Abby Webb9 dager siden

    I have always thought he was amazing and now he is even more brilliant

  • Tony Rojas
    Tony Rojas14 dager siden

    Can’t believe none of them said they would do a show about “The speed of birds”

  • Owen Bailey-Waltz
    Owen Bailey-Waltz14 dager siden

    Those WuFlu rules in Britain are absolutely ridiculous and the British Empire deserves better.

  • GME
    GME16 dager siden

    Bubbles within bubbles...the nightmare continues

  • Christoph Duwald
    Christoph Duwald22 dager siden

    Let Mike drive the Ferrari!

  • Anon Nymous
    Anon Nymous22 dager siden

    If il Commendatore were still with us, James is the type of person who would never be allowed to buy one of his machines. An old fuddy-duddy, who's more concerned with depreciation than lap times, or, cornering speeds. Cars are not "investments". They are machines that are meant to be used, and, enjoyed, with passion, not, locked away in a garage, and, speculated on.

  • Callum Robertson
    Callum Robertson25 dager siden

    21 of may and 2 minutes till 22 of may

  • Heine Vendelbo
    Heine Vendelbo26 dager siden

    So strange that UK still are locked down when the rest of Europe has been opening op for months now....

  • Paul Collins
    Paul Collins26 dager siden

    Yes I agree with if it looks Brown and it does, it's Brown, get over it.

  • Movin Perera
    Movin Perera26 dager siden

    Love you James

  • Painfully Average
    Painfully Average27 dager siden

    You dont want to go to India now....

  • Maseeha Ayub
    Maseeha Ayub28 dager siden

    Is it just me or the ferrari is orange?

  • dave 27875
    dave 2787528 dager siden

    Is there music playing in the background? Only there feet are dancing in the whole video 😆

  • Finest
    Finest29 dager siden

    James May japan season 2 plz!!

  • Reginald Scot
    Reginald ScotMåned siden

    Forget the car! Show us your bikes!

  • Russell Mullen
    Russell MullenMåned siden

    More shaking feet please. Not at all annoying to watch.

  • hellodavey1902
    hellodavey1902Måned siden

    James May evolves into Jurgen Klopp.....

  • Chris Smailes
    Chris SmailesMåned siden

    Who sets up a shot through a front windscreen of a car with a massive birdshit centre frame? ffs.......

  • Deepak Sahu
    Deepak SahuMåned siden

    Its more RED than huracan; watch the GT eps.

  • Anachroschism
    AnachroschismMåned siden

    Unlimited budget? Clarkson, May, and Hammond - On the Moon!

  • lexstrus __
    lexstrus __Måned siden

    Man I miss these guys 😢

  • Mark Roberts
    Mark RobertsMåned siden

    cant go to the country because of covid . the nanny state fostered by the obedient brits

  • Joe R
    Joe RMåned siden

    If I had unlimited funds & resources to make a filmed project I would go to the moon & race the best moon rover that can be built. That would be a documentary & experience to top all everyone has ever viewed or done.

  • Carlos Cruz
    Carlos CruzMåned siden

    wait he cant even drive to his own farm? what in the british dictatorship bs is that all about?

  • Srinjan Das
    Srinjan DasMåned siden

    the real batcave

  • A
    AMåned siden

    1:44 gotta know how to say know if you own something like that 😂

  • Michael Tucker
    Michael TuckerMåned siden

    Nice, spotted the Manx reg trike in the background!

  • c1be
    c1beMåned siden

    He looks like Eric Clapton.

  • Jussie West
    Jussie WestMåned siden

    3:32 😂😂😂 yeah....that was bad for India too

  • Jussie West
    Jussie WestMåned siden

    James May looks younger and Clarkson is eighty living in a shed.....covid 🤗

  • Evgeny See
    Evgeny SeeMåned siden

    James 🌞👍

  • Paul MacGregor
    Paul MacGregorMåned siden

    I find May annoying and since the success of the programme, his guffable character now emits a touch of arrogance. Jesus.

  • Great Lakes PowerstrokeFX4
    Great Lakes PowerstrokeFX4Måned siden

    After 20 plus years of being fans of these guys and watching all their different work, its cool to get to know them a bit deeper. Thanks for putting this together it was pretty awesome

  • Rick w
    Rick wMåned siden


  • 20VGT
    20VGTMåned siden

    love he got the Super Cub 50 in his collection ...

  • bighatstephens
    bighatstephensMåned siden

    once the restrictions have been removed James needs to go to the Cat House on the Kings outside of Fresno California.

  • Da Good Stoff
    Da Good StoffMåned siden

    #OurManBim :)

  • Qardo
    QardoMåned siden

    "Can I drive it?" "No." "Oh." "Well, thank you for watching. Please like and subscribe."

  • Keith Murphy
    Keith MurphyMåned siden

    I'm catching up on these 3 back to back interviews. Experiencing a bit of de ja vue on the questions. Try harder with the interviews please!

  • Raymond Jünger
    Raymond JüngerMåned siden

    I think he quit drinking.

  • Regele Mihai
    Regele MihaiMåned siden


  • Liam Duffy
    Liam DuffyMåned siden

    I think this for everything he does but the presenter is cringy, awkward and asks questions as if he’s never heard of cars or how filming works.

  • Kamal Muhammad
    Kamal MuhammadMåned siden

    Come to Indonesia may

  • sally folds
    sally foldsMåned siden

    how are those carcinogenic chemicals from test kits going on your brain James?

  • Mathew Gerber
    Mathew GerberMåned siden

    James needs to do a full walk around of all his bikes !!!

  • Dean4471
    Dean4471Måned siden

    If you look carefully, you can actually see Mike's foot interviewing James's foot.

  • Rohit Dhanorkar
    Rohit DhanorkarMåned siden

    The animal rescue part was amazing. The brutality they are facing is unthinkable.

  • Natalie
    NatalieMåned siden

    When James said he just wants an animal sanctuary with “friendly, cuddly animals that have been rescued” for him to talk to I was just like: 🥰🥺😭❤️

  • suckyourmother
    suckyourmother2 måneder siden

    “I’ll just live in a humble hut, with an army style bed and a little cooker and a few books, and talk to donkeys” this is the funniest quote I’ve ever heard

  • Cian O'Mahony
    Cian O'Mahony2 måneder siden

    James May is great... was the only redeeming feature in latter year old-gen Top Gear and is better on his own; thinking GT4O and Ferrari piece in particular... MORE JAMES MAY.

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton2 måneder siden

    Looking forward to James' future projects. 👍👍👍

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton2 måneder siden


  • Ethan Shields
    Ethan Shields2 måneder siden

    He looks like Billy Connolly

  • Joshua Honeck
    Joshua Honeck2 måneder siden

    Imagine if hammond had the dodge hellcat starts Revving his engine during the interview with James may starts shouting stop doing that

  • BMAWG1968
    BMAWG19682 måneder siden

    Ok, Mike can't drive it, how about Lucy Brown? that would make a great episode!

  • Scott Saylors
    Scott Saylors2 måneder siden

    Jeremy, James and Richard have changed and influenced so many lives. They’re inspirational and honestly the best tv presenters in the history of television.

  • Oh G
    Oh G2 måneder siden

    At 0:31 you can see the meccano motorbike James built it the toy tv show and was driven on the Isle of Man in 2013 hence the licence plate

  • Frédéric De Beir
    Frédéric De Beir2 måneder siden

    A real petrol head. Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale in Rosso Dino with golden wheels 😍😍😍 and the Alpine Blue A110 😍

  • Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammadi
    Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammadi2 måneder siden

    The animal hospital - presented by James May!

  • Luca D'Onorio
    Luca D'Onorio2 måneder siden

    Did I just see a spicy CBR in the background

  • RusCarYT
    RusCarYT2 måneder siden

    3:52 lol

  • Yang Maha42
    Yang Maha422 måneder siden

    0:10 is that a cbr 1000 rrr?

  • Echo3world
    Echo3world2 måneder siden

    welcome to the shoe show Speciale

    NATHAN KILEY2 måneder siden

    I would love to see a james may woodworking show

  • tindin sywon
    tindin sywon2 måneder siden

    I will forever resent the fact that the trio never shot anything in slovenija.

  • Martipar
    Martipar2 måneder siden

    James May needs to present a series on the basics of motoring, the technical details I reckon there's enough for a 6 part series of hour long episodes on each major component. Suspension, wheels & tyres, gears & drivetrain, body materials, valves and brakes.

  • Ren Chandler
    Ren Chandler2 måneder siden

    if you have insomnia, try to listen James's talking loool

  • Latesha Utiger
    Latesha Utiger2 måneder siden

    Come to New Zealand James no covid restrictions here and huge culture and culinary experience here for you to explore

  • Peter Boda
    Peter Boda2 måneder siden

    Can't wait for the next "Our Man In..." Japan was a phenomenal series.

  • David Lynd
    David Lynd2 måneder siden

    In the beginning there is a db9(maybe) and a 996 c4s

  • Ben David
    Ben David2 måneder siden

    Loving the fact James has a 2009/2009 iMac sat on the shelf in the background :)))

  • Varun Negi
    Varun Negi2 måneder siden

    Yoo james May pls do come to India lol

  • Oliver Aston
    Oliver Aston2 måneder siden

    Is he a old man or lady?

  • Shashee Kaushalya
    Shashee Kaushalya2 måneder siden

    James May and Richard Hammond both with retirment plans.... A little sad too...

  • Mark O'Connor
    Mark O'Connor2 måneder siden

    Foot twitchers club, totally f.......d my attention

  • S Gibbo
    S Gibbo2 måneder siden

    It seems James has turned into Billy Connolly during lockdown

  • SV Bungaree Sydney
    SV Bungaree Sydney2 måneder siden

    The slowest 8 minutes and 4 seconds of my life 🤷‍♂️

  • Jonathan Hare
    Jonathan Hare2 måneder siden

    We love you James May

  • Csaba Rozinyak
    Csaba Rozinyak2 måneder siden

    I am surprised he didn’t want to go to space with a budget where money is not an issue. But at least his answer was honest and genuine.

  • whatchalookin429
    whatchalookin4292 måneder siden

    I like James's idea on the animal rescue, that needs to happen

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott2 måneder siden

    Jeremy and James are aspiring to be Harry's garage now.

  • Lux Swarmz
    Lux Swarmz2 måneder siden

    Are these two trying to play footsie ..... the amount they are twitching their toes lol

  • Hitmaniak17
    Hitmaniak172 måneder siden

    James May and donkey in Ferrari :)

  • Sandy Dick
    Sandy Dick2 måneder siden

    i would love another our man in!!!!

  • Henric Oscarsson
    Henric Oscarsson2 måneder siden

    @3:51 That has to be the best fotage ever filmed. :D

  • Aidy Madd
    Aidy Madd2 måneder siden

    For just £2 a month you could help James May open a donkey sanctuary and buy another Ferrari.....

  • Chris Hewitson
    Chris Hewitson2 måneder siden

    Someone should translate the foot taps into morse code!

  • FreedomWarrior
    FreedomWarrior2 måneder siden

    I don't even watch any video where people wear masks or talks about covid-19 nonsense, unless they're telling the truth about it.

  • Kasper Hansen
    Kasper Hansen2 måneder siden

    Future generations will refer to this, as the genesis of James Exotic

  • Nathan Robert
    Nathan Robert2 måneder siden

    Love this man.

  • Slawek z
    Slawek z2 måneder siden

    That blurred Aston and 911 at the beginning is kinda incongruous when you're visiting one of the most famous petrolhead in the world xD